Joe Biden on Argentina and the IMF: He said that “the United States does not dictate what happens in South America”

US President Joe BidenYesterday, to Argentina, only at the stage when the government is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and He emphasized that it does not dictate what happens in South America.

Biden held a press conference on the occasion of the first anniversary of his presidency, What is being celebrated today?. He explained that his government “spent a lot of time talking about policies and negotiating with it.” Maduro (Nichols), who is now more than a dictator.”

After referring to Venezuela, They made it clear that they were ‘not the same’ But the same way spend time Argentina and Chile.

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“When I was Vice President, I said if we’re smart, we have a chance to make the Western Hemisphere united, a democratic hemisphere. We were going in the right direction in the Obama and Biden administrations, but Damage as a result of the former president’s foreign policy in Latin America, Central America and South America”and announce and And he warned of “the decline in the number of democracies in the world.”

He elaborated on the historical relationship of the United States with respect to Latin America. “We used to talk, when I was a kid in college, about America’s backyard?It’s not America’s backyard. Everything south of the Mexico border It is the front of America. We are equal people We don’t dictate what happens in these countries, in South AmericaBut we have to work hard on that.”

“But The problem is that we faced great difficulties About mistakes made in the past four years And that will take some time.”

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Biden spoke after Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero concluded his visit to Washington, in which he won “strong political support” from the US government for Argentina’s negotiations with the $44 billion debt fund that Mauricio Macri’s administration contracted with the multilateral organization in 2018.

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