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Thinking of the unemployed residing outside the country, the public employment agency in sina Job creation for all those who have a facility in vehicle canning (auto repair) in Canada.

The job is in Montreal, with a schedule Monday through Saturday and 40 hours per week. Although it does not require a military record, or knowledge of personnel management, it is important to have 96 months expertise in the region.

salary between 8,000,000 and the 10,000,000 Colombian Peso, with basic salary and full-time availability.

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Should possess punctuality, order, responsibility, agility, resourcefulness, manual skills, be good at teamwork, and be available for learning and new processes.

In order to be eligible for this job position, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge in the procedure, application and management of welding in the trade Copper pots.

You should also know how to handle the equipment and tools needed for the job.

job functions

– Inspection of canned vehicles.

Polishing and polishing of repaired surfaces using hand or mechanical tools.

Latoneria at SENA’s Vehicle Action Show

– Straightening of flexor structures using the required equipment.

Hammer scratches and other defects using blocks, hammers or other tools.

Operation of welding equipment copper.

– Remove damaged fenders, panels and grills with wrench, igniter, bolt cutter.

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fix Or change interior parts like seats, floor mats, and floor mats.

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Reviewing, estimating and checking vehicle damage, reporting repair costs and planning work to be done.

Repair or replace front and rear components, doors, frame and interior components.

– Report review ruin Estimate the cost of repair and plan the work to be done.

– Disassemble the damaged parts.

– Inspect repaired vehicles and test drive vehicles to ensure they are handled properly.

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Recent experience and more 96 months in the region.

-B1: Includes cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, four-engine vehicles, and minibuses.
-B2: Contains trucks, buses, and special service vans.
-B3: includes articulated special vehicles or truck tractors.

To have an academic bachelor’s degree.

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The following studies were carried out in sina:
– copper pots
– Latoneria – Chapestero – Sheet metal worker.
Copper pots for cars.
Brass hardware for high-impact vehicles.
– Copper auto repair for minor damage.

It is important to apply early for this job, as there are more than 100 filters to interview.

To access the vacancy, you must follow the steps given on the page:

the time

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