Joaquín Sabina Says “Goodbye” to Pancho Varona: 100 Songs with the Singer-Songwriter, Producer’s Daughter, and Atelier at His Heart

Joaquin Sabina He’s back in public life nearly three years after that fateful fall off the Wizink Center stage while performing at a concert with his great friend. Juan Manuel Serrat. It hits theaters on Friday. His documentary, A Tour of the Last 15 Years of His Life What did the director do? Fernando Leon de Aranoaand in 2023 he will start a tour of Spain and Latin America, all of a sudden, He will not have his partner for several decades, musician Pancho Varona. Joaquin Sabina He decided, against all odds, not to count on me on his next tour.” wrote the guitarist on Instagram.

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Varuna continued, “I want to thank him with all my heart for the 100 songs we wrote together, the 40 tours I accompanied him on and the 15 albums I produced.” “Although I will not be on this tour, I want to tell all of you who have accompanied me for 40 years that I will always be on every stage with you. Millions of thanks and all my love.”So sad” he concluded with a wink at the title of the documentary. Sabina and his final song, composed with Leva, its product recently. The musician explained that he did not fully understand the reasons for this situation, although he had been receiving “signals” for several months that something like this could happen.

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This content may also be viewed on the Site Originates desde.

The life of Pancho Varuna is undoubtedly connected with the life of a translator A princess. Born in Madrid, May 1982 he sang for the first time with Joaquin Sabina at the Teatro Salamanca in Madrid under the name Pancho López (this is his real last name). But his first plan was always to be an official in the Department of Defense. “My mom had a certain socket there, something that could have happened 40 years ago, and I wanted to get into the Department of Defense like my mom and dad had for a long time. That was my life plan, to be in charge, but Suddenly Joaquin passed through my life and said to me as Jesus did to Saint Peter: “Leave everything and come with me.” And I went, he said in an interview. They met at La Mandragora where they performed Javier Krahe and Alberto Perez s Sabinawho was asking him for a cigarette.

Three years later, he made his concert debut with Joaquín at the San Isidro festivities, and then became a permanent member of vice versaSabina’s band, where he was also an arranger and responsible for composing two songs on the album Judge and jury. After two years of work, in 1987, Pancho (Panchito, as Joaquín affectionately called him) began collaborating on artist songwriting and that year they published Hotel, nice hotelone of Sabina’s best-selling and most popular albums as Varuna put music in all of her songs.

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