Jimena Baron’s advice for a healthy diet

statuette figure, Jimena Baron proud to maintain Daily training And take Follow a healthy diet With all the calories and protein you need for energy. This is the case on your next tour You can watch a show with lots of dancing And an important physical skill on stage, as presented in various publications on social networks.

Through her Instagram profile, the singer usually shows various events in her daily life, such as her gym routine, her motherhood with Momo, and even the most intimate moments with her boyfriend, Matias Ballero. Also, for some time now He started teaching his recipes.

Jimena Baron’s photo: Instagram/Jmena

Without becoming a professional chef, the artist confirmed this He loves to cook And she is responsible for preparing dinner in her house. Through both Instagram and TikTok, he teaches some tips on How to make rich, healthy and easy recipes.

For a long time, La Cobra was a vegetarian, so I learned to cook without meat, but this is not a limitation, as they prepare all kinds of Dishes, from vegetables to beef, pork or chicken chops.

Jimena Baron salad photo: tiktok capture

Some time ago he climbed onto the podium Step by step for vegetable salad with tuna And he threw a Important tip To all your fans around How to maintain a healthy diet.

How to make a healthy Jimena Baron salad

“It’s not a recipe, it’s a group of foods that are good and great for health. You have to eat raw vegetablesHe confirms in the video where he shows how to mix and combine the ingredients. To prepare your salad, Jimena use:

  • Integrated rice
  • Black beans
  • option
  • carrot
  • Broccoli
  • cabbage
  • well boiled eggs
  • Feta cheese
  • avocado
  • tuna
  • vinegar
  • olive oil
  • Sauce of your choice

“So beautiful, rich, it has colors. So it turns out, it’s beautiful.”, he exclaimed when viewing the final result. Your video has arrived More than 200 thousand copies and 20 thousand “likes” Along with comments like: “I discover that broccoli can be eaten raw.”

You can make it even healthier, explained the interpreter of “La araña”. Replace the ranch dressing with lemon juice. “A tablespoon is good, it’s a full bowl of healthy, mega ingredients,” he said when asked by a user.

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