Jennifer Cadena, director of 'Hills Like White Elephants': 'That's why we wanted to record this film here and not in the United States'

We spoke with the director of the short film about Ernest Hemingway that is currently being filmed in Ciudad Rodrigo

Jennifer Cadena, director of 'Hills Like White Elephants': 'That's why we wanted to record this film here and not in the United States'

As we reported yesterday, production company Bosco Films is filming “Hills Like White Elephants” in Ciudad Rodrigo; A short film that narrates a contemplative and shocking episode from the last moments of the life of the American writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway (1899 – 1961).

About this short film There is a key figure in its direction: Jennifer Cadena, a Californian actress with an extensive resume this side of cinema. (Little boy, Supergirl, Bigger than the Beatles, etc…) She made her debut as a director in the aforementioned film. We spoke with her about this project, as well as about Ciudad Rodrigo and cinema.

How was the experience with this production company and in the city?

It's so beautiful, more than I thought it would be in my mind. When I was looking online there wasn't much information about Ciudad Rodrigo and I couldn't imagine it, but when I got to the castle and the walls… everything was beautiful, I want to stay here longer (laughs).

Now in the summer, it's very good, because there are usually more people and performing arts related things are being done.

No, I walked past the New Theater and walked around the city.

Does Ciudad Rodrigo seem like a good place to shoot movies?

Yes, there are many very beautiful scenes, all the courtyards… We went to Miranda Palace, which is the place where we will record one of the scenes, and it is very beautiful and they are preparing it.

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What spaces, other than this palace, do you plan to use for filming?

We'll be using a bar in a hotel, which is very nice and we'll also be using a train station in Buda, so those are the three locations we need to check out.

A radiograph of the project you will implement

It is a story about Ernest Hemingway, and it takes place in the last moments of his life in 1961, so we want to see those last moments in this world, and what doubts he had and his regrets about the decisions he made, and how his life went… and this is where the short film revolves. .

Ernest Hemingway loved Spain. He wrote many books here about Spain, about bullfighting… That's why we wanted to record this film here and not in the United States, because he loved this country and France; So it was important for us to record it here. On top of that, the light is different, they say “Iberian sky,” the sun shines differently here than in Los Angeles, it's an incredible sun and out there at nine o'clock at night it's not normal to have that light, and that's why we wanted to get that light in the film. The short one.

Where does the project come from? What is the motivation?

It was a project that a producer and I had been thinking about for 10 years. Hemingway is a very interesting character for me and for the producer, he lived a very interesting life, so he is a very complex person and even when searching for information I still don't understand him, I always learn more and more information, it's very interesting.

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It is your first experience as a director, although as an actress you have an interesting filmography, why do you suddenly say, “Let’s start directing”? What was he calling you?

I love acting, but I've always been interested in directing something where I have complete control over the story and every aspect of the film. When you're an actress, you only have control over that, but you can't control the art, the makeup, the costumes…everything, so controlling that is the thing that interested me the most, above all, with this script. Which is very good and interesting.

I'm excited to lead all of these departments, because that's what leadership is about: choosing the best people in each department and letting them shine and do the best job they can around the vision you have.

Are things going as you expected?

Yes, and even better, everyone is doing a great job and I'm very happy with all the departments. They all have so much passion for what they do and their art, and I'm also excited to see how they work.

What style do you want to portray in your films as a director?

I think my style will depend a lot on the color of the film, so I want to move the audience through colour.

When will we be able to see the short film in the cinema?

I think the film will be ready next year by summer.

Finally, I would like to tell you that the people of Ciudad Rodrigo really love producing films here. Do you want to tell them anything?

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If cinema is growing here, stay here and keep making projects, always try anything related to cinema, even if I don't have a role, I always loved being on set, learning and that's the best thing you can do, so I can tell you that.

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