Javier Pons, a young father trapped on “Island of Dolls”

Participating in Netflix’s new song: “Mother of Two Only”, was not only a challenge in acting for Javier Pons, who in addition to considering the complexities, challenges and joys involved in motherhood, also allowed his parental instincts to flourish with the expectation that the lessons learned would be applied in this production promoted by him. Fernando Sariniana and Carolina Rivera.

Javier Ponce gives life to “Pablo” in a plot that has positioned herself in the top ten NetflixAnd the He explains that one of the main goals of “A Mother There Are Only Two” – with the leading role of Polina Goto and Ludwika Paletta – is to provide a more realistic view of motherhood: “Since I read the story I have loved it because it is so hard on the ground, but with that comic touch that makes it so funny. The people behind this project have a lot of experience in Mexico and the United States, it was a bunch of everything, plus access to Netflix, which is the most powerful platform, it’s a great show for me. ”

The actor emphasizes the responsibility that a character like “Pablo” bears by reflecting the feelings, doubts and fears that some young people may face when they do not have a clear vision about family planning.

In Pablo’s case, it is my age and I also have friends who are going through similar situations because they are parents at a young age, and others are of single parents, and I relied on them deeply, and asked them what they felt at that time. I lived with the daughter of a friend to learn how to hold a baby, and I know how he reacts, it’s a complicated job; I greatly appreciated the work of my parents and what was being done for their children. “

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Javier Ponce highlights that one of the most beautiful experiences the series has left him is the ability to live with the protagonist’s children and their mothers to experience everything that caring for a baby in its first months in the first person suggests: “I have born in me a great parental instinct … Yes, I would like to be a father at some point, but now I don’t see it soon, maybe in the future I can start my family.”

What will happen

As filming for season two of “Madre only hay dos” approaches, Javier Ponce is hoping so During 2021, “The Island of the Dolls” may also premiere, a horror movie that has not been able to hit the big screen due to the pandemic. However, he notes that getting into the thrill and adrenaline of this suggestion prompted him to try a different side of his career: “I really liked this project because it was so challenging, and I had to do a lot of things using the green screen, imagine what was happening in passing, voices Built into the movie. It was challenging but very fun. “

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