Jared Porter fired the role of Mets General Motors due to the script scandal

Mets launched General Motors Jared Porter Tuesday morning after it was launched The sexting scandal was revealed.

“We finished quitting Jared Porter this morning,” Malik said Steve Cohen tweeted. “At the first press conference, I spoke about the importance of integrity and I mean it. This kind of behavior should be absolutely zero tolerance.”

Porter, hired by Mets chief Sandy Alderson, sent the transcripts to a foreign reporter in 2016 while running the Scouting division.

The texts included a picture of a bulge in Porter’s pants while he was lying in bed and an erect penis. At one point, Porter sent 62 consecutive texts to the reporter without a response.

“Most obviously not from me.” Porter told ESPN after he agreed to send the texts.

Alderson and Mets released a statement Monday evening Following the ESPN.com report.

“I spoke directly with Jared Porter about the events that happened in 2016 that we learned about tonight for the first time,” Alderson said in the statement. “Jared has acknowledged to me his serious error in judgment, took responsibility for his behavior, expressed his remorse and previously apologized for his actions.

Jared Porter was fired by Mets
Jared Porter was fired by Mets
Mets on the zoom

“Mets takes these matters very seriously, expects professional and ethical behavior from all of our employees and certainly does not condone the conduct described. … We will continue as we review the facts regarding this serious issue.”

Cohen then acted quickly, using Twitter to announce the dismissal of the 41-year-old general manager.

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