James Blunt announces his most successful new album

July 20, 2021 – 3:00 am. M.

Among the series of singles, “The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021)”, which will be available from November 19 this year, will also include four new songs, as well as four exclusive live shows, including a festival. Glastonbury.

James Blunt He announced his most successful private album, “The Stars Under My Feet (2004-2021)” – Available November 19 – With a big tour of United kingdom for 2022 where James will celebrate songs spanning 17 years of his career, which have spawned more than 23 million album sales, a great global success with ‘You are beautiful’, two British awards and two Ivor Novello Awards; In addition to receiving five Grammy Award nominations.

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Among the series of singles, “The Stars Under My Feet (2004-2021)” It will also include four new songs (“Love Under Pressure”, “Unstoppable”, “Adrenaline”, “I Came for Love”), plus four exclusive live shows, including Glastonbury Festival. It also contains singles from their latest album with gold sales.Once ‘, such as “Bold”, and his father’s poem “The Beast”.

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James ponders. “It’s amazing that I release my greatest songs. I wanted to call him “Best song (and songs I hope you’ll hear)”, But the good folks at Atlantic Records suggested I call it something more reasonable, so it’s called “The stars under my feet”. If you ever wanted James Blunt to release just one album, this is the album. There are 30 great songs, including live performances from Glastonbury and elsewhere, and four new hits. to celebrate its release, I’m going on a world tour next year. I can’t wait to see them.”

James’ first classic album ‘Back to the hubbub’ (2004), was recently named one of the ten best-selling albums of that decade, and with Once , James Blunt cemented his reputation for writing honest and emotional songs that people can easily relate to. Album Record Back to What James Blunt Works best: write classic songs that touch both the heart and the head. Another side of James, his wit and charm, has been shown recently through his always attractive Twitter account.

In addition to their greatest UK tour next year, James Blunt and his band will be one of the highlights of this summer during their concert. A series of rescheduled dates. The tour includes a mandatory appointment in Royal Albert Hall On July 23, the first full-fledged concert is in place, as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations.

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