Jair Bolsonaro in Campania: Criticism of Lula da Silva …

Brazilian PresidentJair Bolsonaro (picture)On Friday, he attacked the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da SilvaAnd Argentina, Venezuela and communism, in the process of handing over the land to the peasants, which was given a clear electoral character. With already contemplating the presidential elections in October 2022, in which he will aspire to be re-elected, Bolsonaro has condemned that Lula intends to run again for the presidency. Without mentioning him by name, he alluded to ‘The thief who wants to be a candidate’.

The leader of the Brazilian far right said: “Look what happens in the world. They know that a bad choice can lead to bad luck.” “So it was with (Hugo) Chávez and (Nicolas) Maduro in Venezuela” and “In Argentina they also made a wrong choice.”He indicated in a clear reference to the current presidentAlberto Fernandez, Progressive trend. Bolsonaro insisted, “We don’t want that for us, but it will depend on what you choose in 2022.” “Communism did not work anywhere in the world and it will not be installed in Brazil.”.

The event was held in one of the municipalities of the state of Maranhão, to which the governor belongs Flavio DinoOf the Communist Party, and the governor criticized it as well.
Bolsonaro, who asserted that in 2022, when new rulers are also elected, said Maranhão: “They must have an aversion to communism” which “only creates equality in despair, hunger and misery, destroys families and religions.” We will be free from this plague. “

Bolsonaro again criticized the closure of the economic activities decided by the governors and mayors to contain the Coronavirus infection, which was particularly harsh in Maranhão, and emphasized that it had “not proven its scientific effectiveness” and emphasized that it applied to “the suppression of persons.”

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The president did not mention the health situation in the country, where there are nearly 445,000 deaths due to Covid-19 and, according to specialists, is on the verge of facing a new wave of the epidemic. It was not mentioned The first case in Brazil was identified of the aggressive Indian species, which was specifically detected Thursday in Maranhão, In addition to the British, South African and Amazonian dynasties that have been in circulation in the country for months.

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