Ivana Nadal’s US visa canceled: ‘This would spoil us…a little bit of everything’

Do you know by any chance someone who works at the US Embassy, ​​here in Argentina? Ivana’s visa has been cancelled, an email arrived on Friday,” is heard at the beginning of The voice was sent by the assistant Ivana Nadal asking for help Which was leaked in the last hours.

As he explains, “It seems that someone has informed, or we don’t know if it’s just because of the media, that she was actually living there and that she sold all her stuff here,” something the aide called a lie.

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“Yes, it is in the process of being sold but everything is still in your name and yes, we have plans to go there but apply for a talent visa, it is all legal. Now that would be a bad thing for us… a little bit of everything, Everything we planned to do in a month was cut short‘, the assistant revealed the plans she had with her boss.

Ivana Nadal shared her joy at her new home. (take photo)

In this same sound, that also guarantees No one answered the email again And that the influencer “wants to go and present herself and defend herself” in front of the US embassy.

During the pandemic, the model flipped her questions and questioned the true impact of coronavirus and vaccines as well as the use of a chin strap. He even went so far as to say it Those who got sick were not shaken enough.

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That is why there has been speculation for a few weeks about the arrival of Ivana Nadal in the United States, since now To enter this country, you must have a complete vaccination schedule.

Ivana Nadal has settled in Miami despite returning to Buenos Aires

Ten days ago, Ivana Nadal was surprised to announce her return to Argentina. With Monday’s newspaper, it appears to be a conflict with his visa.

“Hi, loves, how are you? I hope this is very good. Here we are in our final hours, for now, in Miami. We go back to Argentina for a few days and then continue to realize this dreamCommenting on his Instagram stories, he expressed his joy.

“I wanted to wish you all a great day and know that if you trust so much, anything is possible. absolutely everythingPerhaps, he said, protesting at them to give him the visa again.

Ivana Nadal's US visa has been canceled:

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