ITV will launch a new OTT in the UK: ITVX

The platform will launch later this year in the UK under the AVOD and SVOD models, which will serve as the first window for several new programming releases from ITV for the year.

ITV today announced the launch of ITVX, a funded integrated subscription and advertising (AVOD/SVOD) platform in the UK.

ITVX will be viewer-driven: Viewers will be able to choose to watch thousands of hours of free content on an ad-supported level, or switch to a subscription service that offers all this content ad-free and offers thousands of extra hours on top of that. From BritBox and content from other partners.

In a radical shift from its traditional approach, ITV will now adopt a digital first window strategy, showing much of its new content first on ITVX and then months later on ITV’s linear channels.

“The digital acceleration we are announcing today builds on everything we achieved in the first phase of our ‘More Than Television’ strategy,” said Carolyn McCall, CEO of ITV. ITVX will be a free, ad-supported service, with an attractive subscription proposal. This is great for viewers – It will provide a streamlined and seamless experience with thousands of hours of free content consisting of a library and exclusive, original content. The subscription tier will provide a premium view and include all ad-free content as well as BritBox and future SVOD content partners.”

Kevin Laigo, Managing Director of Media and Entertainment at ITV said: “Viewing habits are changing rapidly, and ITV has exciting plans announcing today to further our broadcast ambitions, serving viewers with more new and free content a week than anywhere else.”

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Rufus Radcliffe, Director of Broadcasting at ITV said: “2021 has been a record year for the ITV Hub and BritBox, which has given us a strong base on which we can build our broadcasting strategy. We are investing heavily in new and exclusive shows that will be free to stream, as well as in technology and design products to make the viewer and interface experience distinct on ITVX.”

Viewers will be able to watch exclusive collections of new shows, with ads, for free; From premium ITV dramas, documentaries, American series, comedies and reality shows, to blockbuster movies and more.

In addition to exclusive “streaming first” shows, all ITV drama and comedy commissions will be available to viewers at once on ITVX, for free, once the first episode airs on ITV’s linear channels. The same will happen with most reality shows.

In the same service, a subscription provides access to upgrade to a premium tier where you can watch all free, ad-free content, as well as a constantly growing selection of partner content, with exciting and timely ads.

Subscribers will also have access to BritBox, which features the largest streaming collection of UK series from BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and includes exclusive clips like Classic Doctor Who. BritBox’s subscriber count recently crossed 733,000, well ahead of all business plan goals that show the brand’s popularity.

Until the launch of ITVX later this year, the ITV Hub will remain the home of ITV’s free streaming, with ongoing plans to increase the amount of content on the service in the lead up to ITVX’s launch. The ITV Hub currently has 4,000 hours of content, while ITVX will have about 15,000 hours at launch.

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BritBox will continue to be the home of independent subscription to the best British content, including upcoming originals. Why not ask Evans? And The Dry, until later this year, when content from the ITV Hub and BritBox come together in what will be ITV’s new broadcasting home, ITVX.

ITVX subscription level pricing will be announced later this year.

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