It’s the stellar sci-fi series of recent years, but its future is troubling and not just because of the writers’ strike.

Rumors surfaced this past April indicating alleged problems behind the scenes. Now the strike paralyzed the second season.

the Book strike It is already a reality and more and more production has been affected to one degree or another. Many products, such as Weird thingsAnd Yellow jackets also Hackscrippled work on the group indefinitely until a fair agreement was reached in accordance with the union’s demands, while, in the event of Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power For example, the decision was made to proceed without a book, leaving creative decisions to the directors and producers.

More and more titles are affected, and as in 2007, The consequences can go beyond the delays of some films or series and that some productions may find themselves face to face with cancellation.

We don’t know if this will be the case Separationbut the fact is that The future of the series is of particular concern to some After it was confirmed that the production of the second season was crippled by the strike. the reason? the previous problems which he was supposed to have previously faced and to which the strike has now been added.

the Series + Apple TV Its first part premiered in February 2022 and quickly caught the attention of audiences and critics with its intriguing approach. In it, a company called Lumen Industries performs among its employees a procedure that initially focuses on getting the employees to find a balance between their personal lives and their work lives, but requires surgery that directly affects their memory.

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Not just considered One of the best series of the year but one of the best sci-fi series of recent yearsAnd Separation It has been renewed for a second season, to premiere in 2024, but last April rumors surfaced that Production of new episodes was plagued by delays due to confrontation between the showrunners: Dan Erickson and Mark Friedman.

As it was published News Causing TVLine And other media outlets echoed the news, both creators “ended up hating each other” after the first season, leading to a “toxic” work environment and nearly the departure of Friedman, who was eventually persuaded to leave by producer and director Ben Stiller. Serving. However, the awkward situation could have been reproduced again in the second season, to which some budget problems were apparently added. Although Apple TV + refused to make statements in this regard, a source close to the series denied this. TVLine imp info Negating both issues, conflict and budget issues, and emphasizing a new creative addition to the team: creator paper house Bo Willimon.

For his part, Ben Stiller also ended up saying: Nobody goes to the break room. We’re on the same slow schedule that we’ve always been. Same planned release date we’ve always had. We love our fans and We are all working to make the series the best it can be.”

However, production finally caught up: the second season of Separation Production has officially halted as part of the ongoing writers’ strike, and this was confirmed a couple of days ago, after rumors of delays due to alleged behind-the-scenes dramas that don’t seem to be confirmed, but some have already been confirmed. Worried that, if true, it could serve as a catalyst for making a no-returning decision for his future after the second installment.

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In any case, The only thing that’s 100% certain is that, now yes, new episodes will be delayed no matter what happens behind the scenes.

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