“It’s ridiculous and stupid, but it’s also a huge success”

This is the new type of climbing that professional climbers do Pete Whitaker He decided to try with his friend Tom Randall (with whom he formed the “Wide Boyz” climbing group) where they take advantage of cracks generated in the cement to climb bridges.

In this case they suggested extending the highway bridge m 5 who stands on the river exeat United kingdomin total 762 meters And a great wide distance.

It took four days and four nights to achieve this, but they succeeded. When asked about the reason for this climb, Pete asserted that it was a remarkable achievement of climbing the world: “It is absurd and stupid, but also a great success of climbing the world. Unable to travel to United State Because of the pandemic, we decided to find a great route near the house.”

perfectly horizontal

Whitaker had already climbed bridges before for fun, but by no means was he like it yet when doing so perfectly horizontally and of such size: “Not like rocks, the jerks of cars on the highway are very noticeable, and when a diversion truck passes by Cracks that used to look good. You have to get used to those anomalies.”

Now that they’ve tried bridges, they want to discover new things and not repeat something they already know, and suggest new challenges they describe as “brutal weird”: “We wouldn’t climb any other bridges, it wouldn’t make sense for you to do it. We’ve lived the experience and have already closed this chapter, Now we want to explore new things.”

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With their ability to climb anything, only time will tell their next achievement.

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