‘It’s fair’: This is how an independent developer defends Steam’s controversial 30% stake – PC

After publishing his first game, YouTuber Bellular talks about the famous cut Valve’s platform gets from every sale.

For large developers and independent studios,Cutsthat Steam takes from each purchase bread every day. Valve’s platform, which is currently the most popular and gigantic digital library on PC, even requires a level 30% from every purchase made by users. This, in other words, means that the company maintains 3 out of 10 euros to be spent by users, and the other seven distributed among the developer, publisher, and other entities involved. Although for some it is a no ExaggeratedOthers are very happy with the percentage Steam gets.

That’s the way it is, say fellow Mein-MMO YouTubers my bell. Known for his analysis and criticism Universe of Warcraft gamesA few days ago, he fulfilled his dream by publishing his first title on Steam: pale behind. In it, players will have to Lead an expedition doomed to fail After having to inadvertently take over, a proposal is currently piling up The number of comments is 600 with ratings very positive. And unlike other publishers or developers, Bellular claimed that it “very happy30% off Steam for every purchase.

He believes that the visibility Steam brings justifies the percentage of the platform

During a recent live broadcast, Bellular reviewed the game’s reception and talked about various aspects related to it. Among them, for example, was Popular Steam share 30%, a state of which he was very happy. Rather, he emphasized this condition in order for his viewers to share his opinion about it, a position that left the following statement:

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The question many ask is: is Valve worth the 30%? The answer is yes. From our standpoint as independent developers, where Valve gets 30% and only then is the rest of the money split between publishers and employees, we’re very happy with Valve at 30%. The amount of attention, exposure, and other benefits generate 30%, but it’s 30% of a much larger pie.

So, in summary, Bellular believes the amount Steam receives from each sale is justice. In support of his position, he indicated that the platform offers various advantages and benefits to publishers, such as the possibility of being available in their store, promotions, offers and other types of items. So, unlike what other indie developers or big corporations consider, my creator pale behind They advocate that the company takes 30% of each sale.

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