It’s an act of solidarity: businessmen to raise their salaries to one million pesos

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On December 14, the minimum wage negotiating table reached an agreement to establish a by 10.07%, so the amount for the next year was $1,000,000 In addition to an increase in transportation support by 117,172 pesos, which is added 1’117,000 US dollars.

Part of the Colombian business community, represented in National Association of Industrialists (ANDI), He spoke after determining this new salary and stressed that it was related to solidarity with the workers.

“Increase the minimum wage amount by 10.07% to 1 million pesos by 2022 It is a strong solidarity factBruce McMaster, President of ANDI, said that it arose from the will of businessmen, who were able, in a consensual way, together with labor centers and the national government, to agree on the welfare of Colombians.

The union leader explained that, “This proposal has been made and worked for the past three months which reflects the interest in the arrangement The minimum wage, up to one million pesos, is also the result of showing that there has been an adjustment in the country’s priorities as a result of the pandemic and its economic impact on the most vulnerable.”

He added, “The effort to reach 1 million pesos is really done with pride. It is a gesture of solidarity and generous, a nationality that reflects the will to build together and the ability to unite a country around this important salary decision. It is also proof that if we all work together, we will have a stronger and more united community.” and more viable.”

For the president of this union, the proposal signed by the leaders of the workers’ centers, the pensioners, the members of the negotiating table unions and the representatives of the national government, is a sample of what can be achieved through dialogue, thinking of the whole. he won.

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However, the union leader warned of the importance of addressing the various factors in the face of this salary increase.

“It is very important to pay attention to variables such as competitiveness, Inflation, employment and formalities because the past two years have been complicated for everyone“The families’ purchasing power has been affected, the state has faced an economic emergency and the companies have not overlooked this,” he said.

Likewise, he said, it is finally a matter of being able to apply extraordinary formulas in exceptional circumstances. “Today, no one doubts the need to focus a large part of efforts on supporting the most vulnerable segment of citizens and entrepreneurs who want to do their part,” McMaster said.

For his part, President Evan DukeIn a call from El Carmen de Viboral with members of the Standing Committee of the Agreement on Wages and Labor Policies, which met in Bogota, she celebrated the news.

“I want to express my happiness that history is being made today in Colombia. Today it has achieved the most significant real increase in the minimum wage in nearly 50 years, and the most significant nominal increase of this century; of course, it is also the most important real increase of this century,” he stressed President, noting that the minimum wage increase was a “unanimous decision” of the round table.

the The president emphasized that the minimum wage of one million pesos is a personal wish Which began to materialize from his campaign to the presidency, where incremental progress was made after adjustments in real numbers brought the rewards closer to that level.

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“I am glad it is a cause and a wish for the workers of Colombia.”said the head of state, after paying tribute to union leader Julio Roberto Gómez. “I shared with him that desire to reach that million pesos.”, He said.

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