‘It’s a huge opportunity’: Las Diablas take on a new challenge at the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations | sports

The captain of Las Diablas, Camila Karam, is already making her debut for the national hockey team at the Nations Cup, which will be held in the city of Valencia in Spain.

The Women’s field hockey team It was a great sporting year, tho Historic participation in the World Cup that were played in Europe, where they achieved Thirteenth placein the case of combination The best countries on the planet.

After that, they achieved first place and gold in South American Games 2022for this reason They have shown a high level of discipline.

Now, their next challenge to close out the sports year is to travel to Valencia in Spainto dispute over The inaugural edition of the Nations Cupwhere they will participate in the search for glory in the ancient continent.

That is why the group leader leads it A vigil for Sergio “Cachito”And the Camilla Cramspeak with Biobio Chilewhere he commented how they came to incorporate heroism into the “Iberian” lands.

They go in the absence of Canada

The Chilean said in the interview: “We have reached this tournament After the absence of Canada that commented on the economic problems This gave us the possibility to participate. Ranking also helped us to be bookings In the event of a team withdrawing from the tournament.

This contest is made up of The best players who did not participate in the professional league. Finally, we go to a Professional League B. However, they took into account January order, to carry out and advertise classified ads”, Referee to the national player.

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Likewise, highlight Preparation for competition with major countries in the field of hockey.

In this regard, Karam said: “A few weeks ago, We did not count our participation in the competition, But we’ve been preparing since we found out. Unfortunately, we have a short time, but we will arrive with the coaching staff and the players in Europe.”

We plan to travel on December 6, To play a friendly match in Spain vs Francebefore the first appearance in the tournament.

How was the last? ‘class’they must have met their competitors later in the international competition, where they are part of The second group with India, Japan and South Africa.

Win over teams from their group in the Nations Cup

It must be remembered that in The last duel in the Hockey World CupChileans They beat South Africain the victory that left them in Thirteenth place in the planetary event.

That’s why Camila noted: “We know the difference. We beat South Africa in the World Cup and they are at a very similar level to ours so it will be a great fight.”

for his part, India It is a well trained group. was in Former Pro LeagueSo, they have a very good experience and I think it will be a very tough match Japan is a very difficult opponent to face, but they are all very achievable duels, which we will enter with a win-win attitude all in one,” he commented.

Remember, that selection raises The cup is on Spanish soilYour place will be guaranteed Pro League Next year, an important prize for all that it entails in the discipline, Join the group of the best in the world.

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Finally, Camila Cram sent a message out to everyone Those who want to see and are interested in the participation of national competitors in the old continent.


Regarding this, the captain of Las Diablas stated: “I hope they pay attention to this tournament where All matches will be very close and very interesting to watch. I hope you will join us and support us, because it is A huge opportunity for us.”

“We always strive to integrate this type of tournament and play these matches, so I hope they are mindful of commitments.”Rule.

With this, it is expected that Women’s field hockey teamand get good results in their participation in Nations Cupwhich will be disputed between December 11-17 in Valencia, Spain.

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