“It’s a great episode, like a movie.”

he end Succession It’s getting closer and it’s inevitable, but there’s good news on the horizon for its fans: the final episode It will last 90 minutes. This is confirmed Nicholas Brittleoriginal music composer for the series: “It’s a huge episode, like the movie.”

In this fourth season, Roy brothers They faced a great loss. A game-changing move and positions on the board. With a new order at the helm, Waystar Royco expects the acquisition to be official before Lucas Mattsonwhile the future of American democratic institutions is threatened by Popularity of Jeryd MenckenPresidential candidate and far-right leader.

To end the story of family and empire, Roy will reunite with his co-star. The final episode is expected Jesse Armstrongcreator and winner of three Emmy Awards for Best Screenplay (one for each season finale of the series); And Mark MilhaudWinner of the Emmy Award for Best Direction to close the third installment, he will take the lead behind the camera for the 16th time in four seasons.

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At the moment, the title of the final episode, which will be broadcast on May 28 in the United States, has not been announced (on the 29th it will be available on HBO Max Spain), but the one that will be broadcast in the last three weeks is known. 4×07 titled Tail Gate Party4×06 America decides and 4×09 Church and state.

The penultimate episode is directed by Mark Millhaud, who will be back for the big close after directing Connor’s weddingwhich is considered one of the best episodes of recent years.

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The “Caliphate” team took home the award for Best Drama Series at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

Succession It is this year’s favorite for the Emmy Award For Best Drama Series, he won it twice, in the second and third seasons. As for the categories of representation, Kieran Culkin He goes from secondary to protagonist and will compete with him Jeremy Strong in the same category.

You will do the same Sarah Snookwhich this year will register for the first time in the leading actress category, an award that seems more moot with each episode aired.

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Regarding Brian Cox, who has already won an Emmy as series lead on one occasion, has yet to officially announce which category he’ll be competing in this edition, a decision that offers some flexibility given the scaled back number of episodes he’s in. appears in this batch.

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