It will be a ‘culmination’ of what has been accomplished with Dark Souls

Hidetaka Miyazaki had already admitted in an interview that his next work would be his “perfect game”.

We are approaching 2022, and many players will likely take this data as an indication that they are less than two months to launch elden ring. Its tracks, details, and gameplay have left us wanting more, and its creator, Hidetaka MiyazakiFeel free to continue raising audience expectations with more data about delivery. He already told us that Elden Ring would be his “perfect game”, and now he’s commenting on more news about The core of the program in the adventure.

I think it will be our best [juego] up to dateHidetaka MiyazakiWe were able to learn new details about Elden Ring thanks to an exclusive interview in the magazine edge, which the broker has access to jimzradar. Here, Miyazaki explains that the essence of delivery He will charm all his fans: “Elden Ring se basa en peak From everything we’ve done with Dark Souls, they’ve been able to “create” completely new “everything” that wasn’t possible before. “

In this way, we will not only find an unforgettable difficulty, but we can also expect more amazing details in its RPG system and an evocative and accurate narrative in which we will need several days to understand its history. for him open world You’ll add to the benefits of other spirits with some very diverse biomes: “Diversity is something we sought when we created this game, and it’s something I think we achieved,” explains Miyazaki. “I think it will be our best [juego] up to date“.

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With this kind of information, it becomes difficult for us to wait patiently for the release of the Elden Ring February 25. And this will get even more complicated with Spoilers sweeping the netWhich we have already warned you about. However, this does not stop the community’s excitement for the next installment of From Software, and thus Bandai Namco was forced to Suspension of pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition Because of big shopping spree.

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