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Bethesda allays any concerns fans may have regarding the legendary shooter.

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During E3 2021, we had to see Microsoft Bethesda lecture together. This isn’t strange at all, because the parents of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls are now part of the Xbox Game Studios conglomerate. Even titles like Starfield or Redfall Surprise They were among the big ads made by Phil Spencer and his team.

What we don’t have is WolfensteinWhich isn’t strange at all because it’s not an annual epic or anything like that; But if you’re wondering where BJ Blazkowicz and his buddies are, you have reason to breathe easy because Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines hinted at The franchise is still very much alive And that there will be news of it when the time is right.

“With Wolfenstein and any other series for which we have not announced new plans, we will have to wait until a moment I want to talk On the topic “Executive notes during an interview with the GameSpot portal.” But you can put me on top of the list of people who want a new Wolfenstein, so do not worry“.

The Wolfenstein Games were “on vacation” for a while until 2014, The New Order laid the foundations for several chapters that came five years later. The final single-player episode was the awesome Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus episode, followed by the interesting, but experimental Wolfenstein Youngblood for good and evil.

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