It took a while, but Godfall will finally add an online matchmaking system

Counterplay Games will work on this improvement in parallel with the new expansion, without a release date.

When it went on sale late last year, Godval Its reception was modest among the press and the players. In fact, it hasn’t done much to improve on yet: since its launch, it has received splatter With bug fixes as well Awesome content update Called the initial update. But another one is on the way, and this release brings with it a much-needed upgrade.

It is, the owner says, a system Online pairing. One of the big problems the game went through in its early weeks was the need for it Sends out invitations Other players join the game, so even today most of the activity comes from Discord’s LFG servers. But soon it will be possible to play with other strangers by joining the game.

So far, most of the games have been staged by LFG systems It’s an issue that has been on the lips of its players for months, but it’s already official. when? This is not very clear. Officials commented on Twitter: “While we were monitoring and implementing changes based on your impressions, one thing was clear.” “We are excited to announce that we are working on implementing the matching system in Godfall! We will be sharing more details over the next few months as we work on expansion“.

The expansion in question is DLC content that was announced long before the game hit the stores, and should include new vital areas, enemies, gear, and bosses. However, the exact details have yet to be determined. Until then, if you have been thinking about giving the game a try, you might be interested in reading Godfall analysis.

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