It showed what a “little pizza thing” everyone unboxes and went viral

Currently, virtual platforms are full Recommendations, tutorials and anecdotes related to gastronomyEspecially when it comes to the food that we consume on a daily basis without even realizing it Secrets hidden behind the packaging or manufacturing process. On this occasion, one TikTok user explained What is the use of the plastic tripod in pizza boxes? Everyone was surprised by the explanations.

in a profile foodie from the default platform pins which it is intended for Cooking recipes, tips for better seasoning of dishes And even celebrity chef shows like The owner of the salt.

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The woman revealed the post “Little Pizza Thing” and it went viral

In addition to all these issues, there are also posts that refer to How some kitchen tools are used effectively or containers containing food, as in the video whose protagonist is the Hulk known as “pizza thing”. On her @nadiabelfernandez accounta woman explained how to use it in her home and her discussion instantly went viral.

In general, people tend to remove them quickly and just leave the pizza to slice later, but in this case, the user indicated that they should not be discarded, but rather It is used to chop each part. In this way, as a result of the advice, it turns out that some of the products that we see on a daily basis Perform very basic functions which benefits them to the maximum extent.

After this revelation, the post received hundreds of comments from followers who were stunned by the information. “It’s nice to know it has a job! But I’ll keep it in the drawer anyway”; “Now I won’t cut pizza with a fork and knife anymore” and “I’m going to save these videos to data I didn’t ask for, but it’s helpful”It was one of the most important messages.

But there was no shortage of those who refuted the information shared by the user. “Let’s talk without knowing, typical, when they want to invent what has already been invented”one opinion.

Some comments made by users in the postTik Tok

Although there are many people who have taken the video creator’s advice into consideration, many pages on the internet make it clear that, in fact, This object has another kind of functionality which does not match what was said.

the middle abc argue that it is intended Avoid that the ingredients chosen for cooking pizza are not Stick to the lid of the box during transportation: “Its mission is to avert disaster or, in other words, to keep food safe.” In this way, it helps delivery do their job and they don’t have to expose themselves to unexpected scenarios.

Sometimes this happens when the popular “pizza thing” is not used.Noble Twitter

On the other hand, they define it Its inventor was Carmela Vitali, a native of Dix Hills, a city located on Long Island, New York. according to the records, The woman has applied for a patent for the invention, which she calls the “ejection condom.”on February 10, 1983.

“It’s about Heat resistant molded plastic device To be used in boxes or packages such as pizza boxes, whose lids tend to collapse and damage the product,” he described at the time.

These were the illustrations of the “Package Saver” in the patent, which became official in 1985.

On February 12, 1985, two years after it was finally introduced The US authorities approved the petition And he, with a US number of 4,498,586, has become the employer that citizens around the world know.


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