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This is a story Halim Cissé, a 26-year-old woman broke all records and had a baby “Nonillizos”. Bring them to the world in Ain Barja Clinic in Casablanca (Morocco)Exceeding the previous mark he set Nayda Suleman, who gave birth to 8 children in 2009. Although they were born prematurely, they are already 5 months old and will soon be able to return home to Mali.

her husband, Abdul Qader Arabic, a 35-year-old sailor in the Navy, was stranded by Covid-19 restrictions and was only able to meet his four boys and five girls in July of this year. As for their names we have. Muhammad, Bah, Al-Hajji and Omar on the male side, and Eve, Adama, Fatuma, Omo and Kadidia on the female side.

From left to right we have
Adama, Oumou, Hawa, Kadidia, Fatouma, Oumar, Elhadji, Bah, Mohammed VI.

“They all get along well and I am happy to take care of them. They are getting stronger day by day and they may soon be allowed to leave full-time medical care, so we can bring them home.” Cisse announced MailOnline.

At the time of reaching the world and Because of their condition as premature babies, they weigh between 500gm and 1kg, so they had to stay in special incubators. in the intensive care sector. There they were treated 24 hours a day by a medical team.

The case received so much attention that even the mail. Ministry of Health in Mali Actions have been taken on this matter. “Mother and baby are fine so far”Minister said Fanta Sippy, who was informed directly by the doctor who accompanied Cisse on the operation.

Although his parents reside there
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Returning to Halima, he was very happy with his nine children and did not hide his astonishment. “When the children arrived, my head filled with questions. I was well aware of what was going on and it seemed like an endless river of children coming out of me.” Suspended a few days after giving birth. Besides, she added that she has not yet fully recovered from childbirth and that she visits her children twice a day for 30 minutes.

He revealed that the daily expenditure is approximately 100 diapers and six liters of formula milk. However, he did not rule out having more children in the future. “I feel so happy.. it’s a beautiful gift from God “He pointed to Arby News Letters.

Turns out this is new Guinness record, dethroned American Naida Solomon, in the category of multiple births that babies survived. In 2009, she gave birth to 8 children, which is why she got the nickname “octomom” (October).

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