‘It lacks some chapters in arithmetic and humility’: PAN lawmakers respond to AMLO

The president boasted in his morning conference how many Representatives he would get in Congress (Image: EFE)

after the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Said “happy, happy, happy” before Results which received the block of the so-called “fourth shift” (Morena-PT-PVEM-PES) in the intermediate elections, PAN . legislators He criticized the president’s lack of humility, as well as his intention to do so “confused” to the population.

And he’s that blue and white senator, Julien Rementteria, said this Wednesday at a press conference that Lopez Obrador He doesn’t keep his accounts well With the number of seats won by his party and its allies in Parliament, because they put together a simple majority and not qualified, so they will need to negotiate with the opposition to agree to their reforms.

“The president lacks a class in arithmetic and others in humility.”

Julen Rementeria during Election Day (Image: twitter/julenrementeria)
Julen Rementeria during Election Day (Image: twitter/julenrementeria)

In this sense, Rementeria explained that the legislators of the “Va por México” (Va por México) coalition (PRI-PAN-PRD) You have a document signed with afor the legislative agenda, with commitment Do not destroy institutions that have a counterweight, such as Banco de México (Banxicoand the National Electoral Instituteelse).

“Enough of the presidential system and seeking to destroy institutions, protect institutions like the National Institute of Statistics that have been attacked”

For her part, a senator from the same party, Kenya Lopez, argued that despite the fact that Morena and his allies won 11 of the 15 states at stake, they lose 54 federal deputies, They did not reach a qualified majority with the Labor and Christian Labor Party, so “it was clearly a defeat”.

(screenshot: Twitter)
(screenshot: Twitter)

“The numbers say so. Out of the 30 million votes I accompanied (in 2018) today they lost between 13 and 14 million votes. […] They don’t come to us with stories beyond unfortunate transport walks. Enough of the use and abuse of the majority in San Lazaro.”

Against this background, deputy PAN Juan Carlos Romero Hicks The president called to a serious dialogue حوار To analyze and build the agenda required by the country.

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Take the opportunity to mention this in thread AExtension of the term of the President of the Republic of the Nation’s Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN), both from the “Va por México” coalition, as well as the deputies of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) and some morena, like Porfirio Muñoz Lido and Lorena Villavicencio, among other things, will remain opposed.

Mexico City 2021 election memes (Image: Twitter)
Mexico City 2021 election memes (Image: Twitter)

Regarding the election results in Mexico Citywhere it was a stronghold of “obradorismo” and the left, The song “Va por México” occupied 9 احتلت from 16 o’clock the mayors, Divide the capital map in half. Unleash this countless number Memes on social media; However, many of them are classified as “Classestion”, as they positioned the half ruled by the PRI-PAN-PRD as the prosperous part, and the other as the most backward and least educated.

For this reason, the senator from the PAN Damien ZepedaHe called for an end to splits And the narratives that encourage him, he emphasized, The same boss does that Lopez Obrador.

“Mexico is unfortunately divided today and we have to put an end to it. Enough hate, stop division, stop treating us like we’re not all Mexicans. “It wasn’t like this before,” he said.

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