It is the same as Metroid Fusion

This Samus outfit will have new functions for exploration and battle, but the classic abilities will also return.

Just like we already told you the map from Metroid dread, The same Nintendo report He also talked about changes in Samos costume زي, including the different looks of this episode, and the skills that will allow us to perform it.

The suit is the same that Samos wore in Metroid Fusion.According to the company’s report, the lawsuit The same Which Samos used Metroid Fusion. But this time, the outfit is back to what it was ‘Original’Blending an organic and mechanical look. Although they didn’t say much, changes were also implemented, so that Samus could fight better EMMI, the creature we saw in the trailer for the Metroid Dread ad.

regarding skillsAnd as expected, we will have the classic version energy ray, and the Pregnancy From this attack, making him much stronger. The missiles He will also return, along with other powers that will increase the Fit Samus, allowing you to explore the map more easily. The new functions have been kept secret, although we’ve already seen some in our past shots E3 2021Like new counterattack That protagonist.

Metroid Dread has been rumored in the community for over 15 years, we’ll finally be able to enjoy it after that October 8in the same day Nintendo Switch OLED. This game will be sequel By Metroid Fusion and The story will be over Samus that started in NES Metroid, in 1986.

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