“It is necessary to exercise moderation and not respond to accusations.”

The prosecutor Carlos Stornelli Reply to the President Alberto Fernandez After the harsh criticism leveled by the latter in his book Speech Before the national convention last week.

Fernandez had said that “in Argentina today, there is a public prosecutor who has been prosecuted for serious crimes such as illegal espionage on citizens or extortion. It continues to function as if it were nothing This will affect him. “

Faced with this attack, Stornelli preferred not to get into the controversy. “You have to do an exercise in moderation,” he said on Monday Do not engage in meaningless conversations and do not respond to accusationsWhich are sometimes provocations or not. “

“You do not have to have an argument that you cannot enter into or enter to respond to,” he told Todo Noticias.

At the opening of the regular sessions, the head of state complained that “his (Stornelli) principle that recommended the preventive detention of persons is not applied when his“ residual power ”could affect the investigation. This is true. Its strength is not residual. not expired“.

Stornelli also referred to and considered the general criticism the President directed at “the judiciary” “An attack on justice is an attack on the republic itself, against the regime.”.

“Regardless of whether the judges are good or bad, useful or useless, what should prevail is the order. The independence and protection of judges must be preserved So that they can investigate and make the decision calmly and impartially. The same thing happens with prosecutors. “

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“It is advisable that reforming the system move towards protecting prosecutors Not to belittle the plaintiff or leave him alone It is compelled to hire special defenses when the state itself, through its institutions, must support and defend them. “

In turn, he admitted that there was a “naturalization of weak institutions” and said that if he held the position of judge or public prosecutor, “he will have a more proactive stance in defending the lower courts and the lower public prosecutors.”

Regarding the reform of the Public Prosecution Office, Stornelli cautioned against this “It’s not a good idea for the health of the republic.”.

“We cannot explain and talk every day about the reasons we have and the complaints they bring to us, but people should realize that there is a large group of prosecutors and they should protect them because these prosecutors represent the interests of society.” He added.

Finally, he referred to the departure of Marcela Lucardo from the government, saying that “it is a shame that an official like her leaves the Ministry of Justice.”

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