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The Nobis Consortium celebrates last July 16 its 24th anniversary since it was founded in 1997. Isabel Noboa, its CEO, details its growth and plans

On July 16, 1997, the Nobis Consortium was established, a business group started with Ingenio Valdez, Pronobis and Mall del Sol shopping center which for more than two decades has ventured into strategic areas such as diversification in food, exports and hotels, and internationalization with the field of confectionery and confectionery. And as strategic partners for infrastructure of multinational ports and mining companies. Isabelle Noboa, CEO of the consortium, recalls the main achievements in these twenty-four years of experience and also comments on the direction of Nobis’ projects.

What are the main milestones for Newbies Union in these 24 years?

We started with the Centennial Company Valdez, Mall del Sol and Pronobis. In 2006, we acquired another centenary company, part of the country’s chocolate tradition, La Universal Factory. Likewise, we have been developing other sustainable businesses that are environmentally friendly. Codana and Ecoelectric, which produce ethyl alcohol and biomass clean energy from sugarcane, respectively. By following this line, the Bachacay Tourist Farm was born, with the potential to attract domestic and foreign tourists. Later, we were venturing into international business by integrating La Universal into the international company BIA, hold multilatina is a food company that develops its activities in sectors such as confectionery, confectionery, cooking and coffee. At the same time, in Colombia we acquired Comestibles Integrales, which produces cookies.

Other significant achievements include participation in port business with DP World Posorja and in mining exploration with Canadian company Adventus. In 2020, in the most difficult phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are evolving to hold Investment manager. Currently, we are also involved in the agricultural export sector with SocialDeal and Honey Fruit Company, where we export exotic fruits to international markets.

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How has the Noobs Consortium portfolio diversified from 1997 to the present?

We have diversified because we believe in a prosperous and productive country. That is why our portfolio has grown to the point where our companies operate in different industries, such as Azucarera Valdez, Codana, Ecoelectric, Mall del Sol, Pronobis, Comestibles Integrales SAS, SocialDeal, HoneyFruit, Hacienda San Rafael, Pachakay, Tecnobis, Innobis, Nobis Foundation and Nobis Foundation.

In addition, we have strategic investments in local and multinational companies such as BIA (hold Food Owner at La Universal), DP World Posorja, Adventus and Omni Hospital. Added to this is a strategic alliance with Sixstar Hotels Group.

Jose Antonio Pons will be the new CEO of Nubis

What is the current income of the Newbies Alliance?

Companies in which Nobis invests and is directly or indirectly involved generate annual revenues of more than $500 million.

In terms of exporting products and services, what markets does Nobis Consortium reach and with which products?

Currently with our own agricultural export company SocialDeal, we are exporting exotic fruits such as yellow and red dragon fruit, Orito, granadilla, sweet cucumber, passion fruit, among others, to international markets that include the United States, Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, France, Hong Kong and Singapore.

What is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Nobis Federation?

This pandemic has prompted us to digitize and adopt and develop the tools that have just been deployed. With this, we have made an adjustment and redefinition of policies in the companies that allowed us to reactivate in the shortest possible time. The Mall del Sol shopping center launched its digital platform during the most difficult phase of the pandemic and was chosen by the city council as a pilot plan to reopen malls.

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Two of our Pronobis real estate projects have been selected by the Emergency Operations Center as a pilot scheme for reactivation in the construction area. We support the state with a 9-100 plan for direct vaccination of the general public and through the vehicle point expression. Within the direct vaccination of the public, we encourage mass vaccination of collaborators, strategic partners and families.

The pandemic was an opportunity for us to be resilient and move forward, building a better work environment with more investments, sources of employment and local advancement.

What projects does the Newbies Union prepare and in what areas?

We have currently launched an agricultural export initiative to grow, grow and export products such as blueberries, organic ore and organic ginger, by structuring an investment fund to which we have invited many potential investors.

Nobis Consortium changes to Investment Holding

What is the expectation in advertisements to encourage partnerships and franchises between the public and private sectors?

Public-private alliances allow for the unification of efforts and alignment of expectations between the business community and the various state agencies. A few years ago, we were part of one of the major public-private partnerships in the country, such as the operation of the Deepwater Port in Bosorga. We are sure that the stimulus in this type of alliance will make it possible to strengthen the economy in a more flexible way.

What should work reform include?

It is important that any labor reform takes into account the potential for job creation at all levels. It is necessary to reform the agreement of the permanent indefinite contract and to promote the generalization of this type of contract to all kinds of stable, occasional or temporary activities. What will allow to increase the workplace.

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Where should tax reform go to boost investments?

Tax incentives to attract foreign capital should be considered. It is a key moment to position Ecuador as an investment destination in the region and to achieve this we must create an efficient business, tax and legal environment. competition against neighboring countries. (I)

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