It can license your original content

Netflix As part of its growth plans, it could start licensing some of its original movies and series so that it could be shown through public or private TV channels.

According to specialized press reports, some television companies could benefit from this decision Netflix It could be NBC Universal and ViacomCBS who, if negotiations were completed, could incorporate into their audiovisual programming produced by the broadcast giant.

By following this approach, Netflix It could recoup billions that it spends on programming each year, as has already been discussed with licensing the Bird Box movie, starring Sandra Bullock, to ViacomCBS ‘CBS, for example. Likewise, at the end of last year, Netflix And NBCUniversal negotiated the licensing of several old movies and series from the broadcast giant for Peacock, including The Christmas Chronicles, starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. However, none of the agreements have borne fruit.

According to some specialists this determination Netflix To negotiate rights to old offers, you might assume that the company has found that this content is not helping it attract new subscribers or retain old subscribers.

In 2015, for example, the content manager Netflix“The dollars invested in our original programs are more efficient because every dollar spent we get more benefits in terms of hours watched, more information retention, more word of mouth and more branding power,” Ted Sarandos said in a earnings call.

New category on Netflix

With the increasing availability of streaming services, every company has implemented changes to their platforms to try to maintain the loyalty of their subscribers, which is why Netflix He created a category, within the catalog, for those movies that are under 90 minutes in length.

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He wrote, “If a two-hour movie is an extreme commitment (but 10 episodes somehow not?), Then this is for you: movies under 90 minutes.” Netflix On his Twitter account in the UK where he launched this innovation.

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