It brought in over $ 76 million

This network has sold cheats for games like Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile.

Joint effort of Chinese police with Tencent Put an end to what they call the biggest Scam Sales Network From the world. In the past decade, video game cheat sales portals have proliferated, selling various types of hacks and tricks for the most popular multiplayer games of the day. Serious problem of competitiveness And the longevity of societies with these games, which today receive a severe blow from the authorities. According to the BBC, this particular network has entered About $ 76 million Through the subscriptions that they charge their users.

There were 10 arrests, and a confiscation of $ 46 millionThe operation started in March 2020, Tencent informed the police The existence of this network focused on the creation and distribution of traps. After a thorough investigation, a raid was carried out earlier this month that resulted in the arrest of 10 individuals Seizure of 46 million dollars In goods that included a range of luxury cars, among other things.

With subscriptions ranging from $ 10 a day to $ 200 a month, I entered this network About $ 10,000 a day. In total, Kunshan police found and disrupted 17 cheats distributed by this network, which included games known in the West such as Note and observe And Call of Duty Mobile. Based on the large sums of money and the games involved, they claim to be the largest disjointed trap network to date.

Online video games cheats

Cheaters It’s a problem that, unfortunately, never disappears from video games. In recent years, a new appearance Detection tools They have allowed companies to harden their stance on the use of cheating, not as much as the legal players would like, but enough to make it difficult. For example, the free Fire mobile game Over 30 million players sent off in 2020 aloneIt’s all due to the use of traps.

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It is popular in Call of Duty: Warzone Waves of expulsion every monthIn front of a community of cheaters that never stop their attempts to break the rules. By way of detail, a recent report mentioned that The most cheat game in the world is FortniteIt is followed by Overwatch and at third place Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Also, in order to continue the fight against cheaters, Denuvo created anti-cheat technology Compatible with PlayStation 5 games.

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