Isobar Argentina appoints head of social media and Omnicom Media Group Guatemala creates new civil society organization

Wednesday 3

• Argentina. Ezequiel del Castillo joins the Isobar Argentina leadership team as Head of Social Media. Having developed his career at Garbarino for over twelve years, the professional joined the Isobar Argentina team to further the brands’ reach. In this case, you will redefine the role the agency plays for clients through business partners In the broader development of your business.

• Guatemala. Camilo Restrepo Mendoza has been appointed as Executive Officer of Omnicom Media Group Guatemala, where he has served as Director of Strategic Planning since 2019.

• worldwide. Publicis Groupe and TikTok announce global partnership. The collaboration will also focus on identifying shopping trends and understanding what inspires consumers to share and buy products on the TikTok platform. They will launch a program to educate brands about “community commerce,” which is TikTok’s name for online purchases made in their app.

• Argentina. Francisco Petraco is the Director of Communications at Google Argentina. In his new position, he will lead the external communication strategy to continue promoting all of the company’s initiatives and news at the local level.

Tuesday 3

• Hispanic United States. Argentine Federico Garcia is the new Global Creative Director by BCW. One of his first jobs was at Radio Miter as a writer in his native Argentina. He then worked at Presidency of the Nation as a Senior Editor and then at JWT. He was a professor at the AAP Higher Institute of Advertising (today’s Argentine Agencies) which has now ceased to exist for six years. After three and a half years at Ogilvy & Mather Buenos Aires, in 2012 he went to Japan and went there creative director from the same agency. Then he moved to New York where he was Group creative director From a translation company LLC and a huge ECD.

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• Latin america. Launch of Wunderman Thompson Fam Box To support women and non-binary businesses. The global platform allows consumers to discover and buy from women and non-binary businesses in the following sectors: beauty, fashion, food, home, technology, health and wellness, travel, fitness, arts and culture, media and charities. Users can filter based on category, location, or by tags companies have added to identify themselves. “Statistics can emerge about the benefits of a representative and balanced economy. Our hope is that Fam BoxBorn out of a group of intelligent, ambitious and passionate women, you can be a part of that change, providing a platform for underrepresented businesses to thrive,” explained Angelica Escruceria, growth manager From Wonderman Thompson Latam. The goal is to create the world’s largest database of women and non-binary companies, inviting companies or startups from all over the world to register and share on the web. “Our economy does not represent us, and that has to change. By giving women and non-binary companies a platform, we hope that people will be more aware of the amazing startups out there that often get overlooked. By thinking more about who we support when we spend our money and change our shopping habits To reflect that, we can bring about real and lasting change and rebalance our economy.” Fam Box and Wunderman Thompson England Editor.

• Argentina. Francisco Cerruti joined Gut Buenos Aires as Senior Technical Manager. He started his career in 2013 in La Comunidad, then went to Tribal DDB Argentina and then to Isobar. In 2017, he joined Wunderman Thompson Argentina as Senior Technical Director.

Monday August 2

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• Puerto Rico. RosadoToledo & Earn an El Vocero de Puerto Rico account. It is the most widely spread newspaper in Puerto Rico that was born in 1974.

• Mexico. Orange + agency run by Evan stop it Gutiérrez, co-founder and creative general manager, is one year old. During these first twelve months they added Mario Barber as art head; Romina Hernandez as Director of New Business; Violetta Garcia and Juan Barreto as creative directors; Jorge Martinez, production manager; And Anna Maria Nera as Digital Marketing and Business Generator. They currently serve the following clients: J. García López – Funeral Homes, Bye Bye Friend, Mexicráneos, Casa Milan, Pagano, Virtual Ware, More Services, CentroK, Blanc Florerías, Calypso and Leader Hotels, among others. “One aspect we enjoy a lot at Orange+ is helping to develop brands and innovating with them and being an engine for their growth,” Gutierrez said.

• Brazil. Ampfy announces the arrival of three new accounts: Outback, Enel, and Qsaúde. Remote Regions fosters a portfolio full of successful experiences in the food sector. The agency, which already serves brands such as Perdigão, Melitta, Andorinha and Ovaltine, is now handling all digital communications in the restaurant chain. Working with Enel and QSaúde goes beyond advertising. For Enel, Ampfy will manage digital products for the power distributor. As for Poem, the agency has set up a dedicated in-office team dedicated to outreach work focused on marketing services.

• Colombia. Camilo Valencia Gonzalez new creative director In Wunderman Thompson, Columbia. He has six years of experience and has worked for brands such as Renault, Nutrica, Nacional de Choclate, Jeff, Punto Blanco and more. He was a senior graphic designer at Wunderman Thompson Colombia and is now back to lead the creative process for headquarters in Medellín with Cristián Méndez.

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