Isn’t anyone preventing RTVE from erasing its trademark from a series of 20 million euros?

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A year ago, RTVE summoned the media to introduce it The International co-production Unlimited, A four-episode adventure series that will bring Elcano and Magellan’s first tour around the world to TV.

He did it in an incomparable place, At the army headquarters, In the presence of the only caretaker director, Rosa Maria Matteo, very few people show her face at any presentation of the foundation.

Great stage for presenting a framed project In the Cooperation agreement signed between RTVE and the Ministry of Defense In March 2018, on the occasion of the centenary of the first round in the world, which will cost 20 million euros, at a rate of 5 million per episode.

However, a year after that and cAs it happened previously with Ines del Alma Mia, Parrot a Stories that never sleep RTVE is let Your brand is buried in this great project Powered by Amazon Prime Video.

The first test we did a few days ago when The payment platform was responsible for announcing the deal Of fiction, which will be headed by Rodrigo Santoro (Magallanes) and Alvaro Morte (Elcano).

That is, as it already happened with a parrot, While the first contact with news of great importance is given to your partner Public radio television didn’t even cover it.

The same will happen when the exclusive premiere takes place not only in Spain, but also in France, Italy, Portugal, Latin America, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Andorra. All this first promotion with its heroes will be borne by Amazon, Who will be the one who will appear in the media.

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That way, when the public TV series arrives, a large portion of the viewership will They wouldn’t define this fantasy as an RTVE project, But starting with amazon.

Some of what I warned against, as we have already repeated and will repeat it as many times as necessary, no UK regulatory authority and competition, Ofcom.

According to this body, Younger viewers are more likely to watch BBC programs on Netflix than the BBC’s iPlayer service, which indicates that perhaps I don’t know what successful programs are like Doctor Who The Becky Blinders They belong to the British Public Broadcasting Corporation.

This same study shows that children have their early teens YouTube brands are more likely to be recognized Or Netflix from the BBC. Likewise, less than half of Britons between the ages of 16 and 24 watch a traditional TV channel live.

Hence, it will be very important for the new president of RTVE, Jose Manuel Perez Tournero, to have one of his top priorities to create a plan. Brand promotion for public radio and television, It makes him known to new generations and so powerful that he cannot be buried by trade alliances. Their survival in time will depend on it.

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