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The sweeping tide of globalization that has swept the world over the past four decades is witnessing an increase in the tide that began a few years ago, which led to the emergence of the concept De-globalization. This retreat It is advancing on various fronts, especially in terms of re-evaluating work and nationalism. In the past two weeks we have found data on how to judge the emergence of signs that allow us to envision a better position for workers vis-à-vis the interests of capital, even from publications with a conservative economic trend. The Economist, in its latest issue, devoted its main articles to this phenomenon, noting that the “golden age” of work is opening up.

Acknowledges that the prevailing perception in the world during the past forty years was the excessive sovereignty of the owners of capital at the expense of the workforce, besieged by technological changes; Wage imbalances and economic crises; Meanwhile, investors and large corporations enjoyed expanding global markets, financial liberalization and tax cuts.

It is now observed that the post-pandemic phase will show a revival of the role of work in the economy. In principle, it can be seen that the employment index is improving in most economically developed countries and there is a somewhat favorable climate for promoting better wages for workers. The Biden government will give a strong economic boost to improving infrastructure, favoring unions in hiring processes and seeking to raise workers’ wages. In this sense, it can be said that the policy followed in our country is to increase the minimum wage, as well as to strictly regulate getting help from external sourcesIt is part of the direction that I have indicated.

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The analysis of the aforementioned magazine suggests that central banks themselves are starting to pay more attention to job care rather than a rigidity focused on controlling inflation. The most surprising and encouraging sign of a reversal of policies aimed at austerity exacerbating inequality comes from the IMF itself, which has spoken in favor of imposing high taxes on large, rich transnational corporations. Something “temporary”.

Other events that are recorded with the same meaning: in the United Kingdom and Spain where legislation has already been approved granting the status of workers to those who dedicate themselves to transporting people or distributing food items that are carried out through digital platforms to who they were supposed to belong to partners When they actually have a secondary functional job. However, the process faces obstacles; In the US, efforts by Amazon employees to form a union have just failed by failing to obtain the necessary majority and a vigorous legal struggle is expected, with unionists accusing the company of breaking the law to intimidate workers.

National politics in economic matters is also regaining space. The blockade the Suez Canal suffered from weeks ago and severely affected supply chains around the world, has led to a rethink of this over-reliance on a system that has suppressed stocks in factories producing various goods. Establish some kind of security in the supply within the country itself. In practice, this same trend is guiding the production and distribution of vaccines, due to the need for every national country to ensure that its population is protected from the epidemic first. President Biden’s economic plan in the United States effectively aims to ensure that the supply chains of products made in that country are completely contained within the borders of the United States. We must believe that the scope of the US-Canada-Mexico trade agreement will not be affected by this policy since it is considered a commercially unified area, within which the supply chains are secured.

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Another measure of a nationalistic nature promoted by the head of the US executive authority relates to the rule that ships transporting raw materials to the United States are registered and owned by the United States. By realizing the effects of all these changes in the world, we can verify that the national policies promoted by the current government are part of the growing trend of readjustment of the global economic situation.

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