Isaac Foto receives his own medicine at El Partidazo

Isaac Foto did not have his best evening this Thursday at El Partidazo. Photo. acclimatization.

Isaac Foto is on the radio synonymous with controversy. As judging expert, journalist Extremadura He’s known for his emotional ways When it comes to defending both the referees and the VAR. A role that earned him many on-air fights with his co-workers, some of whom aren’t fun to listen to.

Of course, this is not his only role in El Partidazo de la Cadena COPE. In addition, Fouto, together with Juan Antonio Alacalá, forms the so-called news section, a kind of section dealing with the institutional aspect of sports and, above all, football. That is, everything related to offices, federations and calendars. Thus, and in a more informative way, the journalist intervened in the first minute of last Thursday’s program to give the results of the first division teams in the King’s Cup. So far, everything is normal. the problem? That he was wrong to ensure that the four teams so far exempted from playing the Super Cup did indeed enter the draw in the next round. These are: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico and Athletic Bilbao. something is wrong.

“And tomorrow (for today) who will come?” asked Juanma Castaño. Foto certainly answered: “Tomorrow the four teams are already entering the Super Cup, and the first week of January will be played.” Something soon after had to be corrected on air. “By the way, Juanma. In the matter of the King’s Cup, this is I went to the January tour and skipped that tomorrow (for Friday) neither Real nor Barcelona will participate“Correct shortly after.” I went to the January tour and skipped December,” he tried to justify himself.

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The moment Castaño seized the opportunity to garner his own revenge, having had to serve as a supervisor countless times when Fouto starred in one of his controversies. “When people mistake “El Tertulión” for something VAR, you say “Come on, we’re not ready, we don’t know the lesson”Program manager response. Of course, Fouto wouldn’t stay without defending himself. “You were not very attentive either, that a colleague from another radio station had to notify me,” he said, referring to the fact that no one dared to correct him when he initially erred.

But his rebuke on the Thursday night show didn’t stop there. Later, when the topic to be discussed was Jorge Valdano’s statements against the Premier League, Foto confirmed that the Argentine, who had been highly critical of the media’s role throughout the entire affair, did not talk about the fans. Something that was corrected at the time by Castaño. “But let’s see what your program is, Foto,” said Partidazo’s director, less friendly than the first time. In fact, when he tried to excuse himself — “what the fans didn’t hear, really,” Castano said, he reminded him of his first mistake: “You were going to watch the first round of the cup.”

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