Is there a post-credits scene in Venom: Will Be Carage?

MADRID, October 15 (CulturaOcio) –

Poison: There will be a massacre Opens October 15th. Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson And Naomi Harris They preside over the second movie of the saga, Directed by Andy Serkis. There are many fans who, weeks before the premiere, are already wondering if the movie has a post-credits scene.

As it turned out a few days ago, since the movie was shown in the United States and other countries such as Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina or Peru two weeks ago, Poison: There will be a massacre He has an extra scene Which appears about halfway through the credits.

This sequence during the credits, which have already been leaked and which are essential for the future of Tom Hardy’s character, It’s the only additional scene, as the movie doesn’t include another sequence at the end.

We must insist on it It’s not just one of those scenes that is comically comicalBut this sequence It is the key to the story of Venom And the next movie in which the character can appear.

Although the scene indicates that there will be a third part, it has not been confirmed at the moment. Sony is planning the premiere of Morbius de Jared Leto In January 2022 and Requirements The Hunter by Aaron Taylor Johnson In January 2023.

Sony’s future plans for the third installment may depend on the studio agreement with Disney Spider-Man movie rights. If they regain creative control after fulfilling their last agreement, which includes Spider-Man: There’s no way home And another yet to be decided movie, they’ll be able to count Tom Holland in the franchise.

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