Is there a ninth planet in the solar system? | Astronomers seek to find out if it is located in the region farthest from the sun

I always talk about nine planets In the solar system until Pluto It is no longer considered – due to its small size – the farthest planet from the Sun. And despite the fact that eight planets are being considered now, studies point to the possibility of another star joining Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

In those studies in which he inquired about the origin of the planets, Researchers estimate that they are faced with a puzzle that is missing a piece, the ninth planet, which can be found in the most inhospitable regions of the solar system, among the gas giants.

Astronomers have evidence that the planet is in the solar system, based on the force of gravity. worth saying, If present, its gravity affects the orbits of other planets. In fact, this is how Neptune was discovered in the nineteenth century, when astronomers noticed that Uranus seemed to be “dragged” by an invisible celestial body. With respect to the ninth planet, this happens with the orbits of small bodies located in distant regions of the solar system.

Thus, the researchers found that these small objects are pushed by a planet with Five times greater mass to ground , In an orbit ten times the size of Neptune, making it difficult to detect.

There are also those who assert that since it has not yet been discovered, it is not a planet, It is a primitive, low-mass black hole orbiting the Sun.

end of discussion?

There may be certainty in the short term due to the opening of Hames Webb, Vera Rubin and Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) in Chile.

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over there They will have modern cameras capable of checking whether or not there is a ninth planet in the solar system.

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