Is ‘Between the Fence and the Fence’ the worst series in Netflix history?

Netflix It’s having a bad time economically, with massive subscriber losses that will only get worse in the coming months. But in the area of ​​content quality, despite what is usually believed based on viewership numbers, it doesn’t perform any better. at rotten tomatoesAnd Between the fence and the fence (solid cell), check the unwanted number of 0% critics approvalwhich was a number delete web Within minutes of publishing. The portal immediately pulled out the result of the professionals, which led to a scorching reaction on social networks. Is it the worst series in Netflix history?

Between the fence and the fenceThe worst series in Netflix history?

The development of events was especially intriguing. rotten tomatoes The first reviews of the new comedy series were published, A prison drama that takes place in a women’s prisonwhich featured English actress, writer and humorist Catherine Tate He plays many characters. Raised as a satire on the prison system, production Almost no one was convincedAnd he would have earned the scorn of criticism from countries like the United States. resounding in suspense rotten tomatoes there will be Permeated many North American mediabut after a few minutes of making the headlines, The bad note has been withdrawn.

The critic admits that it is “embarrassing” and that there are silly and uncomfortable moments

They commented on Rotten Tomatoes a few hours after the first ratings were released, which said it was a movie full of “embarrassment” moments: “There aren’t enough ratings to calculate the score.” Has Netflix monitored the score? Is it the worst series in the history of the broadcast portal? Well, there are really bad shows and horrible movies. A few months ago, it was Thriller lustful 365 dayshas already shown and personified the contempt of critics and viewers, yet it is one of the most watched content in the world. It still has 0% of critics and only 29% approval from the publicWhich makes it the worst movie on Netflix so far. A record that hardly anyone wants.

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