iPhone and iPad: How and what’s the use of deleting Google Chrome cache

Google Chrome on iPhone. (Photo: los40.com)

Clear the cache of a file IphoneAnd IPAD or even from MacBook It can be a good way to recover space in Device and clean it up. If you run out of space in one of these things, it can affect your speed, so in this article there is a way to get things back on track.

Clear cache can also be used for debugging in Applications Favorite , Preventing them from repeating themselves when you open them again. userAnd Google Chrome Is it Browser preferred by internet users, Regardless of whether they are users manzana also Android. This itself saves information such as the cache, which if not deleted will slow down the various devices in which it is used.

How to clear Google Chrome cache

Clearing Google Chrome cache is very simple. even user You will not need to clear the rest of your browsing data, It also happens when you perform the same procedure for Safari.

browser The Google It allows you to choose manually what you want to delete, so after you follow the process, the history will remain in place. Here are the steps to follow:

One. open chrome on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Press three points in the lower right corner.

3. Go to session.

4. Enter the section Privacy.

5. Here you will see an option called Clear browsing data. You have to touch it.

6. At the right time, you can choose the date from which you want to delete the data. You can choose from them last minute even since forever (recommended).

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7. Now, find the option Cached files and photos and activate it. Other browsing data such as cookies and site data can be activated, But it is not necessary.

8. Once you have selected the options you want, touch the button Clear browsing data at the bottom of the screen.

With this simple procedure, User will be able to clear Google Chrome cache on iPhone or iPad, Keep it smooth and clean in use.

Clear the Google Chrome cache.  (Photo: iPhone / Jose Arana)
Clear the Google Chrome cache. (Photo: iPhone / Jose Arana)

Force restart to clear caches

The above steps always clear the entire cache of Google Chrome. But, a forced restart never hurts to have a file Better browser performance (or any application). It depends on which iPhone model you have:

iPhone with Face ID, iPhone SE 2, iPhone 8: Press and release the Volume Up button, press and release the Volume Down button while still holding the Side button. It is released when the Apple logo can be seen.

-iPhone 7: Press and hold the Volume Down and Lock button on the iPhone until you see the Apple logo.

Other iPhones: Press and hold the Home button and the Lock button on the iPhone until you see the Apple logo.

Force restart iPhone.  (Photo: TecnoTraffic)
Force restart iPhone. (Photo: TecnoTraffic)

So you can clear the cache of any other app

Some third-party apps have a setting to clear their cache. This is the case slackAnd The WhatsAppAnd cableeven Instagramsince this memory is cleared, just follow these steps:

One. Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

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2. Search for a file relevant app and click on it.

3. Two options will be displayed: one Uninstall the app that keeps your documents and data, The second is Completely delete the app. for this case, The second option is selection.

To restore the app, just go to App StoreFind the app in question, download it again and configure it.

Clear the cache on your Apple device.  (Photo: iPhone / Jose Arana)
Clear the cache on your Apple device. (Photo: iPhone / Jose Arana)

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