iPhone 13: Satellite calls will only work in select regions

iPhone 13 will arrive at the end of 2021.

In recent weeks, there has been talk about the possibility that the next iPhone (perhaps called the iPhone 13) will come with a gadget more than desirable for all its users: The possibility of making calls is no longer with the need to rent a phone service only Through satellite technology.

The information was provided by Ming-Chi Kuo, a famous analyst, who announced, through a note sent to investors, that the iPhone would have a system compatible with the call Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications; So, in theory, a 4G or 5G connection wouldn’t be necessary to make a call.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that Apple is mentioned and its intentions to use this type of technology as a means of communicating with its users, because in 2019 the specialized portal Bloomberg mentioned in one of his notes that the company was working on some research on satellite technology, and the way it can be used for incoming and outgoing calls from iPhone. However, it looks like the dream will come true in 2021.

Now, what seemed like a fairy tale has become a disappointment for Apple users, who sadly saw how the news of calls through satellite communications was crumbling more and more; Or at least restrain himself.

On August 31, Bloomberg returned to the ring to speak about the issue, this time with an intervention Mark Gorman, one of the most famous journalists in this publication. As Gorman explained, the new satellite technology, while real, It will not work anytime but will only activate on iPhone in extreme emergency situations.

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This way, according to a Bloomberg employee, an attempt will be made to make more significant use of the dedicated Qualcomm X60 core chip that will be installed in the iPhone 13. This will prevent, at least for the time being, people from taking advantage of this new technology to satisfy your need to talk on the phone.

But it seems that the limits of this technology do not end there, but rather The coverage area for satellite calls will also be reduced. According to Gorman, again, these types of calls and messages will not be available to anyone or any region. Apple will be interested in collaborating with people who really need help with their new technology, so It will limit access to ‘select markets’ and places where there is no or very little mobile coverage.

With this in mind, the most reasonable thing to consider is that large cities such as New York or London will not be included in the “white list” of the company founded by Steve Jobs to send and receive messages and calls with the help of satellite communications. .

However, the news that the famous journalist arrives with is not as bad as he thought, because according to his report, it is assumed that Apple is considering planning, building and launching its own satellites into low Earth orbit and thus be able to extend data coverage to a greater number of its users.. Of course, this is a task that requires a significant investment, and therefore “after several years” before we can glimpse it as an undisclosed possibility.

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However, the news is not entirely negative, and this is exactly the aspect that the most optimistic Apple users decided to adopt.

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