Invisibility mode accesses app messages

it’s about Ephemeral messages which the issuer can assign a file The expiration date, and once it expires, the text will be gone forever.

Temporary messages for WhatsApp were released at the end of last year and although initially the maximum duration of them is 7 days, the platform then started working on messages that were destroyed after 24 hours and then on another option Delete messages after 90 days.

last May, The company mentioned that a new invisibility mode will soon be coming to the app. This is a new option in the app’s privacy settings that will allow users to use the default settings. Temporary messages in new chats.

WhatsApp invisibility mode It can be activated through the configuration section from privacy from the app.

If invisibility mode is activated, New chats will become ephemeral messages And it will be automatically destroyed once it goes through 7 days since it was shipped.

This way, if you are not interested in saving your conversations and would rather it fade over time, You have the ability to delete your conversations automatically Without having to manually select temporary messages.

If the mode is activated, at the top of the window You will see a notification reminding you that you are using this feature for all new chats, so the messages will be deleted. This way you will not be able to get lost and you will have the possibility to change the configuration if you wish.

at present This feature is only available for trial version It is not known when it will reach the stable version of WhatsApp.

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