Investigating a woman for “unlawfully practicing medicine”

A 30-year-old woman was arrested and later notified by police officers as part of an investigation seeking to clarify a complaint toIllegal practice of medicineAccording to the sources that were consulted for this method.

It all started as a result of a complaint made by a woman who gave the details of the case, having been treated before “A problem in your mouth, on December 15, 2018, and another on January 11, 2019“.

The woman said in the complaint that she “contacted them through a leaflet I saw.” No red social Facebook Where they offered to perform the service Dental prostheses under the name of sea substitutesOfficial sources commented on this method.

It highlights in the complaint “that after maintaining the phone call, they agree to an appointment at the Department of Santiago del Estero Street 2465. After the practices, someone sent him a link to pay 6,468 pesos.”

From then on, the complainant began to note that the situation was not continued through the same mechanisms: “With his dissatisfaction with the work, the claim begins, to which they never responded. As a result of the foregoing, the investigation is titled”Illegal practice of medicine“, under processing before UFIJE No. 4 of the Judicial District of Mar del Plata,” detail referenced to other sources.

Subsequently, the DDI police personnel carried out various investigations, such as testimonies, searches for witnesses, and reported to the intervention judge what was investigated.

On Thursday, members of the DDI Mar del Plata unit went to an address at 4200 Boulevard Maritimo to arrest the 30-year-old woman.

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Official sources commented on this mediator, on the continuous communication with the intervention judge, “he supported the actions of the policemen, and ratified the arrest of the accused for the crime of ‘practicing illegal medicine’.”

And other sources in the investigation indicated that “at the headquarters of the directorate, it was notified of the formation of the case and its release at the present time until more evidence is collected.”

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