Invasion of Ukraine: They asked for the displacement of a key man of Christina Kirchner and a pro-Russian in the State Department

The The National Representatives Bloc of the Civil Coalition Presented a project today citing Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero heads to the Chamber to provide clarifications About forming a position Argentina’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, March 23rd.

Bloc of legislators from the CC suggested the chancellor It should explain the dispatch of a reserved telegram from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Argentine delegation to the United Nationswho urges We support those resolutions that failed to condemn the responsibility of the Russian Federation In connection with the illegal invasion of Ukrainian territory and the humanitarian crisis it has caused.

This became known through Infobae website post, in which A series of secret documents sent by an official loyal to Christina Kirchner and against Casa Rosada’s decision have been revealed. To condemn Russian actions in Ukraine.

Responsible Administrator Minister of Foreign Relations Pablo Titamante, who was to send the mentioned telegram recommending that the condemnation of the invasion be deletedIn contravention of the position set by the Minister of Foreign Affairs himself. CC asks for its offset.

The Minister’s actions constitute an affront to the position he holds and are of extraordinary gravity in the current geopolitical context. And this could lead to serious consequences for our country and the region,” the deputies of the Constitutional Council maintained the foundations of the initiative.

like that Cafiero was asked to explain the participation of Tatamante and the Permanent Representative of Argentina to the United Nations, Maria del Carmen Scaife, in the formation of the position of the Argentine delegation, and if it has instructed it with briefing information or if it has adopted or will adopt disciplinary measures in connection with the actions of the Secretary of State.

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“The actions of Minister Titmante placed the historical state policy that our country supports under unjustifiable prejudice, The reason why it is appropriate to relieve him of the position he holds and of all representation of the State of Argentina,” they add from the CC.

Both bills were prepared by Maximiliano Ferraro and accompanied by the signature of deputies Juan Manuel López; Paula Oliveto; Mariana Stillman; Monica Fried; Robin Manzi; Carolina Castes; Mariana Zuvic; Leonor Martinez Villada; Marcella Campagnoli and Victoria Borrego; All members of the CC cluster.

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