Intersections between health and doctors according to the health profession law

in the framework of stop for 24 hours To defend the cure Law career path career path healthyDoctors gathered in I assume came out to repeat statements Deputy Minister the health, Alejandro Ramila, who indicated that approval of this regulation is not within the competence of the health facilities portfolio.

Caesar semantic Referring to the union that brings together health professionals, she explained that it is true that the Ministry of Health does not have the authority to approve or disapprove a law, but added that it had a great participation in preparing the reached project. Committees in the Neuquen Legislature.

“It is their responsibility because in the past four months they have worked with the Ministry of Health, with the participation of Andrea Eschory, who has been appointed by the Minister to work and achieve professional law agreements,” the doctor said. “It is their responsibility because it has direct repercussions on the functioning of the deteriorating health system,” he added.

The union leader explained that the epidemic did nothing but “present” a serious deterioration that was already noticeable in the public health system, and translated into a shortage of qualified personnel to provide medical care services to the population. In this sense, they propose that this Professional Profession Act recognize health workers with a university degree who have been trained, by implementing more transparent competitions for access to positions and advancement in careers every four years.

Cesar Dell’Ali, owner of Siprosapune.

Cesar Dell’Ali, owner of Siprosapune.

Agustin Martinez

“This is no longer a Siprosapune project but a project that has been agreed with the Ministry of Health,” Delali said of the bill, Uploaded by MPs Based on the claims of the ATE state union, which called for a mass mobilization to demand that health professionals not leave the applicable collective bargaining agreement which was incorporated as a result of union struggle.

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The president of ATE, Carlos Quintreque, indicated that they are not opposed to a professional career, but rather come through a law, when public health labor relations between an employer and workers are agreed upon at a common table. He stressed that the proposal “contradicts the 1974 law and all collective agreements.”

For his part, Dalili affirmed that the doctors “will not give up” on this project and explained that the government itself considers it a valid tool to confront the deterioration of the public health system.

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