Internal entrepreneurship. Can it be implemented in a small and medium company? How do?

Internal entrepreneurship allows innovative ideas to be generated and developed within companies themselves, allowing businesses to grow. Promoting this type of business culture is essential, especially in times of crisis like this.

That’s why it is International Institute for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship It offers various training programs, consulting services and spaces to help companies get the most out of this.

It will allow to obtain benefits for work and for workers

Frank Moreno, president of the institute, must look beyond our borders to take as a reference the leading countries in domestic entrepreneurship. Among them are the United States, South Korea, Israel, Singapore or Scandinavia. Only in this way will companies be able to realize the full potential of their employees and their own businesses, in their opinion.

Among the advantages, of course, are those that it implies for the company. So that they can be creative New business models That allow obtaining it Higher returns And display New products and services.

Also improving employees’ talent and creating a structure for workers based on their skills, abilities and personal profiles. The latter will also create a better environment and employee satisfaction.

Internal entrepreneurship application is possible for any company

According to Moreno, neither the sector nor the size of the company pose any obstacle to the implementation of measures that favor internal entrepreneurship. In fact, from the institute they are helping companies of all kinds, so their approach is “If you want, you can”.

Hence, the head of the institute realizes that implementing internal entrepreneurship is easier than it appears.

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The most important thing will be first To analyze the situation Where the company is located, as well as specify Points of strength and weakness As for internal entrepreneurship. This way it will be easier to devise the strategy.

In addition, the participation of the company’s management will be important, to provide the means and resources that allow the implementation of this strategy.

It would also be appropriate Assign a team Take care of this aspect. To do this, they suggest that it consist of a department head, an analyst, and an administrative employee.

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