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Properties Facebook social networking site They are under fire from parents and lawmakers in recent weeks, after a large number of reports and statements that indicated the use of their social networks. It can be toxic to minors, especially for teenage girls who feel the pressure of unattainable beauty standards that the app drives.

although there was flatly denied The accusations made by studies, arguing that social networks do more good than harm, Facebook social networking site Take note of the concerns raised. This Saturday Vice President of Global Affairs for Facebook social networking siteAnd Nick Cleggannounce it Instagram Will introduce new measures to Keep teens away from harmful content, with a role that encourages young people toTake a BreakFrom the platform.

Clegg said the new feature will detect when a teen has been watching harmful content for a long time. In this case, the system will send you A notification to remind you to take a break. In addition, parents will have the possibility to control the time their children spend in the application.

We’re going to introduce something that I think will make a huge difference: when our systems see that teenager You’re watching the same content over and over again which is content that may not be conducive to your well-being, it will give you an “alert” Even looks at other types of contentClegg told CNN.

At the moment, no date has been set for the premiere of this new mechanic and it was not known when the tests would begin within Instargam. However, the spokesperson Instagram He said to the gate the edge This is changing”Not tested yet, but will be soon“, for this reason We can look forward to your arrival in the next few weeks.

.’s internal reports leak Facebook social networking site NS Instagram It seems to indicate that the platforms encourage depression among users.

change in attitude Facebook social networking site It comes a week after the complaint was submitted and the employee in Facebook social networking site Frances Hogan Testify before the United States Congress of a report that showed negative effect What this social network can have On the mental health of adolescents.

The study concerned about Internal report from the same social network, which asked its teenage users in a series of surveys their impressions of the effect of Instagram on your body image, mental health, and other issues.

I think products Facebook social networking site hurt childrenIn his presentation to the House of Representatives, Hogan said, adding that the documents he published showed that “Profit Optimization Machine Facebook social networking site It leads to self-harm and depressionespecially in vulnerable groups, such as adolescent girls“.

Facebook social networking site He stressed that the report “highlights the worst-case scenario.”

32% of teenage girls said that when they feel bad about their bodies, Instagram Make them feel bad“I was reading one of the slides in the report.”Comparisons in Instagram It can change the way young women see themselves and describe themselves“.

In response to the allegations, spokespersons Facebook social networking site They affirmed that the complainant”misunderstoodReporting information:Simply It is not accurate that this research shows that Instagram Harmful to teenage girls. In fact, research has shown that many teens we hear about feel this way to use Instagram help When they struggle with the kind of hard times and problems that teens have always faced“.

However, in his announcement this Saturday, Nick Clegg acknowledged that algorithms Facebook social networking site NS InstagramHe must be held accountable, if it is necessary, By organizing So that people can match what our systems say they should do to what is actually happening“.

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