Instagram will allow you to embed links in Stories with a sticker

Instagram has always limited the number of people who can post prints “scroll up” in their stories, because so far only profiles with 10,000 followers or more can include a link in their stories. However, the company is testing to expand this capability.

Users They can add a link to their story using a sticker Similar to Q&A, music or surveys, those who want to access this site will just have to click on the label, which will display part of the URL.

In addition, this function will allow people to reply to the story, unlike the “swipe” function that disables the text box that allows you to send a message to the user who is posting.

Instagram is testing a sticker that will allow some users to include links in their Stories.

Vishal Shah, Instagram’s director of product, confirmed to The Verge that the goal of this test was to “see how people can take advantage of links,” and eventually replace the swipe feature.

The link sticker in stories will be the “end goal of Instagram”, but after the tests it will be decided whether it will be available to everyone or only to those who have a lot of followers.

On the other hand, Shah confirmed it Instagram does not plan to include links in postsLinks in the description of an image or video are converted to text and do not allow people to click on them to go to the web.

Instagram will “particularly monitor misinformation and spam” that may be shared through the new feature.

What is more, New Links to Stories feature is being tested on a small group of users, although Instagram is likely to expand it to more people in the coming months.

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In the test, the social network will be attentive to “the types of links people post, while they’ll be particularly wary of misinformation and spam.”

The ability to embed links in Instagram Stories isn’t the only new feature Facebook is testing, as it also works in an option. Create posts from the web version.

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