Instagram announces changes for 2022: Posts can be viewed again in chronological order

Instagram announced that as of 2022, it has become chronological order of publications that appear in the “Feed” will be available again, after its modification in 2016. The company stated that the current mechanism, which works based on user preferences, will coexist with the one that organizes posts according to the date and time they were uploaded.

This was stated by the director of the social network, Adam Mosseri The platform will provide both options for users To compare publications, and that each one can choose the one he prefers.

The difference mainly lies in the fact that if posts are not arranged chronologically, they will appear depending on the information available to the application about the user, such as which accounts have the most interaction or which ones correspond to their preferences.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram Director, announced the changes the platform will bring in 2022.

“We are not going to ignore rating, we will give people the option to go to a chronological version of the feed, because it should control their experience, but We believe this arrangement (based on personalization algorithms) helps us connect people to the content that is most important to them.”The manager said through his Instagram stories.

In addition, Mosseri also commented that they are currently testing both this functionality for organizing posts, as well as another functionality for launching “Favorites” list.

With the latter, users can mark the accounts of their friends or favorite content creators to highlight their latest news in the feed every time they access the social network.

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changes in Instagram algorithms (moving from chronological to other personal system) was launched in 2016, when Mosseri explained that the platform’s sudden growth meant that users did not see 70 percent of posts, resulting in the loss of nearly half of the content of their close friends.

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