Innovation and diversity as levers of competitiveness in Spanish companies

Innovation and diversity as levers of competitiveness in Spanish companies

Diversity Foundation And the IE . Foundationand, in cooperation with HP and Pfizer, launched a new version of Innovation Index, a free self-diagnosis that allows companies to see progress in diversity and innovation. between the newsletter Highlights of this release include the creation of 17 thematic divisions in which each organization decides which ones it will participate in; Access with one ID for multiple users and the ability to download objective and global reports against companies in sector and volume.

This study, in its third edition, promotes co-management of innovation and diversity as a lever of competitiveness in the fabric of business in Spain. It is a tool that allows companies to transform themselves, to be more competitive and sustainable. According to data from previous Internal Diversity Indexes, more than 80% of brands admit to taking action in favor of diversity. However, Less than 50% realize the impact of their campaigns and Only 1 in 3 organizations recognize the relationship between diversity and innovation. Therefore, the 2022 Innovative Diversity Index is a unique opportunity to measure, compare and improve, while clarifying whether people are at the center of the company’s strategies.

Self-diagnosis consists of 17 sections. Login to .’s websiteDiversity IndexThe company can decide the topics in which it will participate. Once the self-assessment is completed, the company will be able to download instant reports (objective and global) with a comparison to the previous version. When the participation period ends, they will also be able to download the partial reports, that is, the results of those sections in which they participated, and the global report, with the full data of this third edition.

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This innovative study reflects companies’ commitment to people in a time of transformation like today

About Maria Eugenia Giron, President of the Diversity Foundation, “Diversity is related to business needs, because if properly managed, it improves workforce productivity and participation. In addition, it allows us to integrate different skills, knowledge and resources that, properly mixed, provide innovative responses to the challenges we face.”

In this regard, Giuseppe Triangle, Vice President of the International Advisory Board of IE Business School, notes that The value of diversity lies in adding and contributing to diverse perspectives and enriching company knowledge in order to gainBetter decisions or initiatives.

Corporate experience

According to Sergio Rodríguez Márquez, President and CEO of Pfizer Spain, “Diversity and inclusion are key factors for enhancing and integrating the organization’s talents in the creation of projects and initiatives. Companies that prefer an open climate for dialogue, which also facilitates the generation of different ideas and opinions, undoubtedly foster innovation” .

For Helena Herrero, Head of HP for Southern Europe, who is also involved in this study, “In a changing world, talents are the main assets, thus, it is imperative that there be diversity and inclusion that foster creativity and innovation. We are convinced that only the union of the two can generate an ecosystem of social and economic growth, which will allow us to build a stronger and more just society, where everyone has a place and no one should be left behind.”

The innovation tree allows you to download up to 17 reports

Gender diversity, LGTBI diversity, disability, top talent, experience diversity, leadership diversity, innovation in products, services and business models, etc. When entering the website of Innovation Index Up to 17 thematic reports were obtained. The results are achieved for free and completely anonymously. From the general calculation of data, the innovation index was drawn up, which this year celebrates its third edition. This study made it possible to discover the level of diversity and innovation in the business fabric in Spain before and during the pandemic.

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The Innovation Index Made by The basis of diversity and the IE . FoundationIn association with HP and Pfizer. Innovation, a concept coined by the study authors, Celia de Anca, Vice Dean for Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion at IE University, and Salvador Aragon, General Director for Innovation at IE University, increases the competitiveness of the enterprise, based on the ability of companies to jointly manage diversity and innovation. It also had cooperation from the American Chamber of Commerce at the Spanish Chamber and the Franco-Spanish Chamber for its dissemination among its subsidiaries.

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