INEOS Britannia unveils its revolutionary Ala Tres “chips” in Palma

The LEQ12-T6 Silver Bullet is back cruising in the Gulf after a spectacular capsizing and fire from its batteries on February 9.

LEQ12-T6 Silver Bullet (Silver Bullet) from Eneos BritanniaMay sail again this weekend in the bay siftA month and a half after the spectacular coup and launch of her batteries on 9 February, she had done so through important innovations.

he T6 is the LEQ12 prototype (monohull with 12-meter training chips) and after being repaired in her hangar, she now looks very modified and before being put into the water, the technical teams on land worked intensively. The revolutionary “spoiler” tests they call “Ala Tres” were going to begin.

Actually, the American Chris Shermercaptain of the T6, remained on board the team’s follow-up boat to implement high-tech product protocols designed by the Mercedes Formula One Team’s Applied Sciences department.

Giles Scott and Ben Cornish The two captains (directors) were on board with Iain Jensen (wingsail clipper) and Leigh McMillan (flight controller), adjusting the controls.

It’s very difficult to tell any meaningful analysis from afar, but T6 easily took flight and underwent a full hour and a half of data gathering behind the chasing ship.

After the preparatory sessions were completed, the sails were loaded aboard, and after a considerable amount of time to raise and adjust the interns within the double-skinned mainsail, the pursuit boat detected a low wind and T6 was towed to base.

After the tests, Englishman Will Bakewell, Head of Testing and Validation at INEOS Britannia, explained, “It was really good to go back and start learning things again. It was a little bit of a delay compared to what we had planned for.” But yeah, it’s great to be back.”

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He added that “it could be the interaction of the new wing, ‘Wing Three’ (a ‘foil’ which at its inverted V end added two horizontal appendages (like the wings of the famous Stukas fighters in WWII).) and there are many other things you can see and things Others you can’t see.”

Asked by the survey team if the difference was a new profile added to the chip, Blakewell confirmed that “a profile picture may have been obtained, and it’s there because we designed the boat so we can add new things to it.”

Connection ‘Third wing(“The Third Ward”) is still the source of much controversy. It’s a concept that INEOS Britannia tested at the last edition of the Cup in Auckland in 2021, but has never been used in actual racing, so it will be interesting to see how small changes to the rules can seriously revisit this design for the only AC75 it will do. Brits present soon.

The next few weeks will bring answers to all the questions analysts and designers will have at Mercedes Applied Science’s headquarters in Brackley (UK).

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