Individual follow-up of lepers: Mendez and Gomez, most notably in Bolivia

Lucas Holes: 5. He didn’t cut through the first goal. Then he had almost no work.

Armando Mendes: 7.5. He noticed the differences with his deep climb, helping Ricaldi into third and closing up the side.

Gustavo Velasquez: 5. Negative in goal opened the score. It was not as stable as in other games.

Wheeler Dita: 5. He came late to the point at the first competitor’s cry. Take part in a tie play.

Bruno Beaton: 6. He had no major branding issues and was pitched wisely. He did not give up the ball and his pressure made Latorre score in his own net, 2-1.

Ivan Gomez: 7.5. Red and black engine. To his usual style he added an amazing goal which put the team back in the game.

John Sforza: 5. He had little involvement with the ball and the team felt that way.

Christian Ferreira: 5. He brought some play and clarity to the trains.

Jonathan Menendez: 4.5. Some good starts, but stuck.

Jorge Ricalde: 7. He got down to pitch and was important for opening spaces and generating. About the third and decide the game.

Ramiro Sordo: 6. He executed the cross that led to the second goal. Move from minor to major.


Lionel Fangioni: s/c. He returned to play several months later.

Marcus Portillo: s/c. Little got into the game.

Jeremias Perez Teca: s/c. Play the last minutes, came quickly.

Djorkaeff Reasco: s/c. He had a clear chance and he squandered it.

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