Indigenous Peoples: A Course in Multicultural Medicine

The Free President of Indigenous Peoples announced that registration is open to those who wish to take a “Indigenous Medicine in Multicultural Course of the Council of Indigenous Healers of Argentina (CO.S.INDI.A)”, which will be offered in a hypothetical framework from 2 June.

The proposal targets all those interested in the topic, especially people working in the health fields, within the framework of the proposals opened by the Guidance Secretariat to the community.

From the direction of the chair, they said, “Its basis is found in the ancient millennial observation and practices of the pre-existing indigenous peoples of Abia Yala, transmitted by oral traditions from generation to generation, beginning with the Mapuche, Colasoyo and Guarani peoples in the present-day territory of Argentina, and continuing with ancestral knowledge of the indigenous peoples of Andes and forests, such as the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. “

“In multicultural practice, university medicine can be supplemented with pharmacology and indigenous medicine, in order to provide a more efficient integrated and multicultural health service,” stated the Free Chief of Indigenous Peoples of Onuba.

The course consists of 2 units and the duration of pregnancy will be 80 hours.

The first unit starts on June 2 and ends on September 29; The second unit starts from 6 October to 29 December.

It will be dictated by the zoom platform. Lessons will be weekly, every Wednesday from 6:00 pm until 8:30 pm.

It will have a registration fee of 500 pesos and 6 monthly installments of 650 pesos each.

Those interested can register via email: [email protected]

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For inquiries and more information, you can call 236 4407750 (ext. 11311/11331).

The team of teachers who will teach the course consists of: Free Chair Director of the Indigenous Peoples Oscar Farias (Lonco, Healer and Healer of the Mapuche People), Dr. Marielle Camilo (Hamawt´a Kantuta Killa Mayu, Kollasuyu People) and Healer Javier Rios (Hamawt´a Wari Rimachi, The Kolasullu people).

Collaborators are: Payé Draulio Escobar (Healer Guarani, Argentina); Leader Pablo Koibal (Colasoyo, grandfather of the President of Quilmes, Argentina); Taita Runa Jambi (Kitogara people, healer Christian Narvais, healer, Ecuador); Taita Chanti Santiago A.Goi Mendoza (Yarrow people, healer, spiritual guide, Peru); Taita Melchiz Rojas Araujo (Potomayo Alto people, healer of the jungle, Colombia).

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