In what production will we see it in 2023?

A few years ago, being an actor or actress on TV Viewed from a negative perspective. The small screen has always been seen as a version without the glamor and professionalism of television. If not, tell Bruce Willis so, no matter how much he appears in great movies Pulp Fiction also crystal forestYou didn’t get Hollywood’s respect for leaving moon light. Fortunately, times have changed and now, the so-called “silly box” enjoys an overwhelming prestige thanks to groundbreaking stories like soprano s the wire. This leap from television success to cinema is already a norm, but in the meantime, profiles of various interpreters are presented, such as Elizabeth Mossa different actress who never wanted to leave that space covered by TV platforms like AMC or Hulu.

Peggy Olson / “Mad Men” (AMC)

Moss had his first role in the series West Wing of the White Housewhere he played Zoe BartlettDaughter of the President of the United States. However, his career breakthrough resulted from his participation in mad menIn which you played an unforgettable role Peggy Olson. Not only did she sign one of fiction’s best-remembered characters, Elisabeth Moss went on to star in the title role The Handmaid’s Taledystopia based Margaret Altwood’s novel of the same name. His last foray into the world of television was the famous series luminous Apple TV Today is 40 years old and all its fans are wondering the same thing: In what productions can we see the actress in 2023?

The Handmaid's Tale 4
The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4

Next goal wins

definitely in Next goal wins We’ll be able to see the funny side of Moss, since then Taika Waititi is the director From this movie about the American Samoa football team. A group of losers who, through their coach Thomas Röngen, wanted to become champions.

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will rise

This is a TV movie in which you will play Elisabeth Moss Former Congresswoman Katie Hill. A politician who worked tirelessly to end homelessness in California, but then erupted into scandal when she admitted she had an inappropriate relationship with a campaign employee before becoming a congressman.

“Francis and the Godfather”

Paramount Pictures is producing the film The Godfather. In it, Oscar Isaac will play Francis Ford Coppola, while Moss will play his wife Documentary director Eleanor Coppola.

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